October 7, 2015

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

I've been silently working away these past few weeks. Although the leaves have barely begun to change colors I have been living in an imaginary world of snow, and have been making some Christmas goodies!

Here is one of the scenes I've painted for this year's holiday illustrations...

'Twas the Night Before Christmas   11"x14"  Oil on canvas

A right jolly old elf this bear must be indeed! You can just imagine the look on this children's faces as they creep down the stairs to find Santa Bear enjoying cookies and milk. Meanwhile, a little doll house and teddy bear wait for them under the tree left by the kindly fellow. (They are happy little details that I like knowing are nestled away on the edge of the painting).

There's one more Christmas-y illustration still to come, which I'll share shortly.
Happy October my little rabbits!

October 4, 2015

Jangles' First Birthday

We had a little celebration for a big joy in our lives this past week!
Jangles, my little puppy, has grown into a loyal, well-behaved (mostly, she is chewing her ribbon below!), loving friend.

We had an out-of-doors party for her that was the essence of all things autumn-y, this is my favorite time of the whole year! Here is the evidence of the event, documented in photos. 

The cake was promptly devoured before I could snap a photo, so we will have to remember it in our hearts...

Here's to many more happy returns of the day for my fluffy companion.
I love you Jangles.

September 10, 2015

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle   16"x20"  Acrylic on paper

Here's something that I've had completed for quite a bit now, but hadn't the time to share it before.
Last year for my mama's birthday I made her an otter birthday celebration, this year I painted her favorite nursery rhyme.

A grand little nighttime soiree, whose guests are made up of: The moon (who's laughing along at the little scene), a cow, a cat & his fiddle, a humorous dog, and runaway dinnerware...And so, this is my interpretation of the classic rhyme, Hey Diddle Diddle..

"Hey, diddle, diddle, 
The cat and the fiddle, 
The cow jumped over the moon; 
The little dog laughed 
To see such sport, 
And the dish ran away with the spoon." 

She has the original all framed up in gold, but prints are available in the shop!

Happy Birthday Mama,
I love you to the moon and back!!

July 25, 2015

A How-To for Christmas in July

Some things should be remembered more than just once a year..
Christmas in July has become a tradition at my house, and I am so glad that it has!

It's like celebrating Christmas' half-birthday.

How to observe your own 
Christmas in July (on a moments notice):

1. Plug in a Christmas CD.  Seriously, it fills the house with the spirit of Christmas!
2. Bake some cookies.  And belt out a holiday tune while you stir the dough.
3. Walk around wishing everyone a Happy Christmas (in July)!  It'll make them smile, and you too!
4. Have Hot Chocolate.  Don't forget the candy cane!
5. Break out Christmas magazine back-issues.  Now you know why you held on to them!
6. Have a popsicle.  You probably won't have the craving for them in December..
7. Watch a favorite holiday film.  May I recommend The Muppet's Christmas Carol?
And there you have it.. 
Now go celebrate!

July 7, 2015

Interview: Alive As Always

I've had the pleasure of being interviewed about my art & process for Alive As Always.
Here are a few snippets, you can read the interview in its entirety here.

Thank you Bivi! And a happy Tuesday to all of you little rabbits out there.

July 3, 2015

Sweet Like Honey

Sweet Like Honey   8"x10"  Acrylic on Paper

A little something for a sweet bear's belly. There's never a wrong time for a party, especially for a white bear in the out-of-doors. Grab a handful of honey and join in!

detail of   Sweet Like Honey

This little 'fella is a Spirit Bear. I may be slightly intrigued by them.
Bonus: they bear a striking resemblance to my golden retriever Jangles..

Spirit bears (or Kermode) are North American Black Bears which are born white or cream colored. It's a very special and rare phenomena. According to Native American legend, the spirit bear is a reminder of times past, specifically the white color of ice and snow. 

A happy summer to you!!

June 17, 2015

A Little Deer (or a Welcome Visitor)

A few days ago, we had a most welcome little visitor come say hello.
What a perfect little dear our wild, untamed friend was to let me hold him.

So here's my photographic proof that I was blessed to hold such a new, beautiful creation.

He let me come up to him so peacefully. It was a lovely, breathtaking moment in my life.
My brother and I (that's him up there: top right) were overwhelmed by such an event.

It was something I'll always remember.. and never get over.

June 6, 2015

Emmeline Wine Label Commission

 I was commissioned in the past months to design & illustrate the label for a wine company from the Land-Down-Under (aka: Australia). 

And now, since the delightful folks of Emmeline Wines were kind enough to mail me a bottle across the pond, I am very pleased to finally share the finished result with you.

...this little fox family is very dear to me...

This project was delightful from beginning to end.

p.s.  Emmeline Wines has asked me to be on board for their upcoming projects & future labels, and I am just pleased-as-punch about that!!

I feel so honored to be a part of this growing company.

April 22, 2015

Books Were Once Trees

Books Were Once Trees   8"x10"  Acrylic on paper

Every book was once a tall, mighty tree. Perhaps that's why this sweet squirrel (who is most likely named Sally) has found herself at home in their pages.

April 20, 2015

Visiting Artist

This weekend I went visiting my favorite shop, and was doing a bit of on-the-spot-painting. 

Here I am busy working away on a squirrel... I seem to be very engrossed in it.
The painting I'm working on in these photos will be finished to share with you shortly!
Stay tuned!