December 28, 2011


After years of daydreaming about having prints of my illustrations for sale, that day has finally come!
The Blooming Hare shoppe has now opened! 

The inspiration for these creations comes from nature's woodlands and other bits of curiosities.

"The November Portrait" 8x10
 This fine furry fellow posed for me while out for his brisk November walk. With his dashing fur and red scarf I couldn't help but wonder, was he headed to a secret gathering hidden in the woods? Or was he simply looking for his lost mittens? He left before I could inquire his name, so the painting is simply titled The November Portrait. I hope our paths will cross again sometime soon.

Our foxy fellow will have some more friends joining him shortly, so please visit again soon!
Hope you have a grand afternoon!
-The Blooming Hare

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