December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to you!
May peace and plenty be the first to lift the latch on your door.

December 20, 2012

A Ginger House

Gingerbread houses have always been something of a tradition for us.
Here is the one we made this year.

Aside from the house itself, I'm in love with the miniature scene taking place around it. It looks like the very gingerbread house that first tempted Hansel and Gretel. Of course if you know anything about the Brothers Grimm you would know that today marks the 200th anniversary of the first Grimm's Fairy-tale collection being in print! So it only made sense to share our storybook confection today of all days.

I am a huge fan Jacob and Wilhelm! A Happy "Birthday" from me!

Mama and I had so much fun putting the whole thing together, we listened to our favorite holiday tunes while the frosting flew! One of my favorite parts about this particular ginger house is the deer frolicking everywhere.
(Take notice of the one on the roof in the top photo!)

All of the tiny details are what make it my favorite house we've ever done! The Oreos make for a yummy cobblestone pathway, while a wheat broomstick rests against the house. Even acorn tops made an appearance on top of peppermints. Pinecone trees and a sugar-cone candy forest topped with gumdrops envelope the scene as it unfolds. 

On top of everything else, I can't get over how the two "lights" on the front look like eyes and the door a appears to be a mouth! It's as if the entire thing is coming to life. 

Then after it gets dark we turn on the lights, and oh it is something to behold! It's like walking on the pages of a well written book!

Just more proof that you never outgrow the fun things you enjoyed doing as a child!


I was recently approached by the very talented Amalia from Pencils and Fireflies for a peek into my sketchbook to be featured on her site. I was very flattered and immediately went rummaging through the pages.

I have been doing so many concept ideas for that top secret project that while I was looking through my sketchbook I found that I had completely forgotten about a few of my other friends I had stored away in there. 

Fergus Fox and his sister, I always intended the two of them to be a little set. I had all but forgotten that he was supposed to be accompanied by his sweet sister, Iris. This is the original drawing of them together.

This sweater adorning lass was inspired by my Christmas card Pinecones and Candy Canes. She's the unfinished sketch of a Valentines greeting card I had been working on. 

So I was very delighted to run across them, and it's all thanks to Amalia for having me go searching through my old doodles! No more black and white for these girls, I'll be bringing them into the world of color shortly. I also talked a little about the inspiration behind the pieces for the feature which you can read here!

A big thanks to Amalia for giving these drawings, which a been in the dark for so long, a little spotlight.

December 10, 2012

A Little Fa lalalala

I encountered the first snowfall while I was coming out of church yesterday afternoon, and I was more than slightly over the moon happy to see it! My Emma dog and I have been outside playing in it this morning- even though it hasn't stuck yet -and now I'm sitting here warming up with a cup of green tea.

 Needless to say it's feeling quite jolly in our house. We're doing little Christmas-y things each day to get ready, and one of my favorites is lighting our advent candles each Sunday leading up to the special day. Sometimes a morning just has that baking-day-feel to it. So when we sensed it, were we lazy? Of course not! 

We hopped right to it.

The best sugar cookies ever with three different toppings? Yes please!


Here a couple of right jolly ol' elves are trooping between the plates of goodies. These guys make an appearance each December at our house, ever since I can remember, and they're more than dear to me. 


So far we've practiced good willpower and haven't devoured the pretty little treats ... yet.

I hope this finds everyone merry and bright. I'm focusing extra hard on having a really white Christmas this year, it's been a while since we've had a full fledged, knee-deep winter wonderland out there on December 25th, and that's what I'm hoping for. So cross your fingers for me!

December 5, 2012

December Rose

I have been in a somewhat melancholy-hopeless-romantic-mood as of late. So perhaps that would explain why this December rose stood out so much to me. There was something so beautiful, yet sad, about the tiny rose I found. The only color in a sea of greys and browns. I happen to be of the opinion that the rose wouldn't be a fraction as beautiful without its thorns, so this solitary bloom positively popped in a bush of  pure thorns.

This unusually warm weather we Michigan-dwellers are having must have enticed her out. I'm just grateful I had my camera with me when I happened by it, so I could share this last remnant of fair weather before the snow begins to fly.

November 30, 2012

Pinecones and Candy Canes

Oh the sugar-plums are beginning to dance in my head over these latest cards that just came in! 

The official Blooming Hare 2012 Holiday Card Set "Pinecones and Candy Canes" is a set of 6 folded cards with matching cream envelopes. That red sweater she's wearing was such fun to paint, I was almost sad when I couldn't find any room left to place another snowflake. 

I've already started mailing these off to family and friends! It's such a good feeling to pass along a Christmas greeting that matches my personality! 

Tonight we're trimming the tree and gulping down mugs of eggnog, of course I think some pizza rolls are going to get thrown into the oven later as well (I'm a complete victim of those frozen little rolls)! This is the earliest we've EVER put up the tree, I'm so giddy I can't hardly stand it! So I'm off! Hope all of your holiday preparations are getting off to such a good start as mine!

November 27, 2012

WhooHoo, A Holiday Sale!


I am in an especially merry mood today, I'll be adding a new Christmas card in a day or two, and I have been decking out the shop for the First-Ever-Blooming-Hare-Holiday-Sale!

Tuesday, November 27th - Monday, December 10th
 Hop on over and fill up those little ol' stockings!

November 1, 2012

The Happiest of Halloweens

Well Ash seemed to be the favored of the costumes, I was so pleased that you guys agreed with me.

A sock does not easily fit over your head. That is the first thing that has to be said about the Ash costume I inevitably fell in love with. Mum came to the rescue with a pair of scissors and a recycled shirt, and after a little bit of paint and a few hours of looping the official movie soundtrack, I emerged as the descendant of Mr. F. Fox himself. 

(Note: Dried Squab Giblet Box in hand)

My brother, Seth, went as Mr. Bean (cleverly hunting me down with a toy shotgun), but he can prove to be a bit costume-camera-shy at times so there's no photographic evidence. Oh but what fun we had! We went reverse-trick-or-treating (which is a tradition we do with friends) if you're not familiar with the concept it involves delivering freshly popped pop-corn door to door throughout the neighborhood. Yum!

To top it off,
on the ride home we hopped into a supermarket and I danced down the aisles of the store! I was in sheer ecstasy, feeling like I was walking in Mr. Wes Anderson's darling film and I swear I could hear Let Her Dance playing in the distance.

(bottom right: A hungry Ash shops in the dairy aisle for his favorite treat of yummy yogurt!)

Living breathing characters of the Fantastic Mr. Fox film, little children dressed up in miniature costumes, pineapple ham pizza, crunching the leaves under my feet, apple cider, and family & friends.

All of which made my Halloween quite a happy one indeed.

October 29, 2012

A Question of Costume

With Halloween coming up sooner than expected I have been puzzling over an appropriate costume. So far I have a couple choices... 

 Harpo Marx  -from the Marx Brothers movies (Room service is the best one), he's the silly one who never talked, with the wig (thought I could use that from last year's Simon and Garfunkel getup) and horn.

Ash- from the Fantastic Mr. Fox, I adore this film! He wears a white sweater, white pants tucked into his socks, he is so amazing there really aren't enough words! My personal favorite quirky character from this wonderful film. 

I am leaning towards Ash though. I mean who wouldn't want to dress up as a descendant of the Fantastic Mr. Fox?

October 25, 2012

Ooo! October Update!

October has been such a busy, busy month for me! I'm still hard at work on that surprise I mentioned, it also is the month that rolls around and means another birthday for yours truly! We always have family-get-togethers in October and I want to make sure that I still take the time to enjoy the glorious fall colors before all those hard working leaves have fallen. With that said, I managed to slip away from all those wonderful activities long enough to make up some new Blooming Hare items. 

1. The Winter Owl necklace is really exciting to me, he looks so striking in his oval pendant (I'm really falling for them) and he has had some pretty nifty news as of late!

2. The red caped girl and the White Bear King from the Winter Procession have marched themselves into greeting cards and are now available as a necklace. They make a beautiful pendant.

3. I have long pined for a Fergus Fox necklace to make an appearance in the shop, the new oval pendant shape was the answer because I just couldn't part with his little ducky. I made one as a gift to myself and have received many compliments about him. And now he is always near to my heart!

- Fergus Fox and I -

4. The Winter Procession actually got made into two necklaces, each one told such a story I couldn't resist. Here we have our little drumming deer and his plaid scarf, I picture some merry little rhythm pulsing through the glass pendant, something brisk and sweet I should think!

5. For all the Alice in Wonderland lovers out there, I am pleased to make my Down the Rabbit Hole series available as a greeting card set. There are 8 folded cards in total, each being a painting from my wonderland series, I worked on last spring. The cards are blank on the inside, have a nice heavy weight to them and come with matching cream envelopes. They look just grand, and are waiting for all of your personal correspondence needs!

All of these are now available in The Shop as of today!
Happy Thursday!

October 23, 2012

A Hoot of a Good Calendar

 Step right up owl lovers of all shapes and sizes! 
A free calendar has been designed just for you to download and print out! I'm really excited that my Winter Owl has been chosen to be one of the 40 international artists compiled for this years Owl Lover 2013 calendar.

The really cool this about this calendar put together by the talented folks at My Owl Barn is that they let you design your own, you pick the picture you want (and there are so many wonderful ones to chose from) for each month, how neat is that? I'll be printing one out for myself!

  Here is my barred owl, one of the free choices you'll find to download!

Fly on over and grab yours!

October 5, 2012


The colors have arrived! I have been soaking up all the glorious color around me for the past week, the red ones are my favorite. 

Emma, my furry yellow friend, loves to chase the leaves as they are falling. We spent the afternoon enjoying the day, chasing the leaves together. She's really happy anytime of the year, and I have to say I admire that. A positive attitude goes a long way.

Meanwhile, I have been keeping my eye on these two pumpkins in our garden, it's the first time we've ever had our very own home-grown miniature pumpkin patch. I think they might be catching on to what I have intended for them, so the Jack-O'-Lanterns-to-be seem somewhat melancholy. 

Last Halloween, I carved an owl in my pumpkin. It's such a fun little holiday, you can dress up and be silly and no one thinks a thing of it! My older brother and I went as Simon and Garfunkel for Halloween 2011, where I was nominated for Simon because he's taller than I am, so he got to wear the curly wig. It was quite fun though, I went with my hair tucked in my shirt (not quite so fun as the wig) and a drawn mustache on my upper lip (very much fun indeed). Only on Halloween could you get away with something like that.  Did anyone go as anything fun last Halloween?

 I'm stuck for what I'm going as this year, but I still I have a bit more time. 

And hopefully in a few days I will have some new items for the shop! A couple new wearable art pieces are on my work table right now.

September 30, 2012

Winter Procession Greeting Cards

Oh joy of joys, woodland greeting cards are now here in my hands! These three little merry paraders would make for a delightful Christmas, holiday or anytime surprise in the mail or by hand! It's official, Winter Procession has marched its little self straight into my heart. 

The set contains 6 folded cards, with matching cream envelopes. The size is just around 4"x5.25" so they're very cute sized cards, they also have blank insides just waiting to carry your own personal messages. 

I also wanted to make them available individually, for that one special letter. Envelope included too!

..and there are those cute little pine trees in action! The logo turned out so great, everything about these cards look so much better in person. I think they're completely charming, and I'm pleased as punch with them! The stock has a nice weight to it which feels nice in your hand, sort of a big deal to me.

These are exactly the type of card I would love to get in the ol' snail mail. 

They'll be available tomorrow (October 1st) in the Blooming Hare shop.

September 25, 2012

Holiday in Photos

Well, the trees were on to me. They were still green even further up north, so we ventured to the beach and walked out to the lighthouse instead! That lighthouse is actually in the shape of a ship's bow. It was quite a windy adventure, which tossed my hair into a fright and the whole thing was delightful.

This rock looked like it belonged on the coast of Ireland somewhere. I have since dubbed it my Little Irish Rock.

We encountered several seagulls and one in particular took a very handsome picture. 

As you can see here, the trees are still very much green despite my earlier assumptions. 

This little lake town had one of the neatest statues standing outside of their library. A girl with an open book in her hands watches while birds are flying out of it. I positively flipped when I saw it! We had to have a quick stop on the side of the road while I dashed out wielding my camera.

The owl took the cake in my opinion! 

 I could find only one tree that had any real color. We made another stop and I snapped this singular color for the entire ride. It was beautiful enough for the whole trip though. Yellow and red, my favorite!

So I will have to be patient and wait for my own. Actually by the time we got back from our holiday, the trees here were starting to yellow slightly.
Go figure.

September 20, 2012

Off they went!

Just sent off the Winter Procession to the printers to be turned into little note cards!
I'm so antsy about getting to hold them in my hands!

Here is the little Blooming Hare logo I went with for the backs.
Who doesn't love three little pine trees lined up in a row?

I'll be sharing them with all of you the moment they come back! 

I'll be doing a little traveling into the upper parts of Michigan to absorb some of the beautiful colors that have already graced the trees up there. I'm cheating a bit and not waiting for my own trees to change (they're slow-pokes!) When I come back I'll try share some of those pictures with you as well! 

Oh fall, you so entrance me!

September 14, 2012

Sometimes I Get a Nice Surprise

...and I like to share it. Recently I was sent a photo with two of my wonderland prints, Alice and the Drink Me Bottle & The White Rabbit, in action! I thought it was so sweet to have a follow-up and see them in their new home. I think they look just lovely, thanks for snapping the photo and sending it to me! I always love to hear my art is being enjoyed!

 Such a nice thought.
Thanks for letting me share this (you know who you are!).

September 12, 2012

A Delightful Surrender (autumn)

Fall is creeping up on nature, when the trees succumb to their long nap it is the most delightful sort of surrender. It's my favorite time of year (in case I haven't said that before)! We are preparing for her by harvesting the last of the summer veggies.

While picking through the peas and shelling a few we ran across the proverbial two peas in a pod. I couldn't resist snapping a photo to share with you. They were just as snug and cozy as you would imagine them to be!

We also built a new addition for our busy little honey bees. I love to linger around the hive just to catch a whiff of the rich dark honey, which we hope to harvest soon. My own dear Da is introducing the girls to their new home. Below is their little story told in pictures.

Oh autumn, please hurry up!

September 1, 2012

Winter Procession

Though it's probably a bit premature to start hanging up the stockings and mistletoe, it has been snowing at The Blooming Hare! The newest painting is this girl's dreaming of the wintry days still far far ahead, it's now available in the shop.

Winter Procession 10x8 watercolor painting

When I was just sketching this painting, a little story of a young girl with tired legs being offered a ride by the White Bear King entered my thoughts. The deer sporting a very cheery scarf somehow slipped in with his drum as the official/unofficial escort of the duo. They all become very good friends over their journey.  Their adventure along the winter paths and turns ahead lead them to the home of the polar bears. Where mounds of candy canes and hot chocolate await them for a true winter feast! Oh what fun they will have building ice-cream snowmen!

It's my hope to have little note cards of these made up for your correspondence needs in the winter months and Christmas. The prints are lovely and would make great gifts and I think these would be adorable as cards as well. I would love to receive one of these in the old snail mail! 

Kind thoughts sent your way this sweet Saturday!

August 23, 2012

Hooray, A Sale Announcement!

I have been working on that surprise I hinted to and though it's not yet ready I just can't wait to share it! While I was working on it, I was pleasantly surprised to have a wee companion beside me.

Never in my life have I ever seen a walking stick in person, (seeing one on the other side of the tellie doesn't really feel like it should count.) But here one was walking across the window. I positively squealed with delight! I've always had a soft spot for friendly little insects. 

So carefully I placed him in a mason jar that was handy and sat him beside me whilst I worked. 
(That's a paintbrush in there, serving as a makeshift perch for the lil' fella.)

In case you're still unsure of the cause for my extreme pleasure, you should be aware that they look so much like a stick that they are virtually impossible to spot in the out-of-doors. After the paintbrushes were cleaned for the day and a few cups of tea were drank, we released our little friend so that he could be a pleasant surprise for another day.

And now, I am pleased to announce the very first ever Blooming Hare sale!
Now through September 4th there will be a sale on all prints in the shop! 
I'm so excited!

Off to more painting now, have a grand day my little rabbits!