January 8, 2012

The Hint

All of my day today has been spent painting and sipping black tea from this little fella. He's an adorable little owl teapot with a cup hiding underneath him (his round little belly).

I just couldn't help myself and I had to share him. 

He is so wonderful! 
And he knows how to brew a mean cup of tea too. So it's true then, owls really are wise!
And now, a little spoiler the tiny hint to the painting I am currently working on...

 Yes, it includes the owl!
My darling little bunny also makes an appearance.
So, what does this make us think of, and what does tea bring to mind?

I'm just bursting to tell! 
I'd better go off and paint before I let that infamous cat out of the bag!

Mum made beautiful soup so here's this little rabbit's dinner tonight.

Mum and I agree, in all this world there is no food so comforting as soup.

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