February 14, 2012

A Valentine on Canvas

For the occasion of Valentine's Day I have been working on the concept for a special painting which presented itself to me several weeks ago, the illustration of an uncommon romance. Of course what would make more sense for an absurd relationship than an egg courting a fox! It seemed too perfect.

Unlikely Courtship 8x10

A fox and an egg might sound like a bad match and in all honesty they are indeed the subjects of an unlikely courtship. However they are devoted sweethearts.
     These two are off for a romantic stroll among the rolling hills. Our man Harry Egg (who incidentally has not a hair on him) is dressed to the nines for his bonny lass, and his pants and suspenders make him look especially smart! This is, you know, no ordinary event; he is taking his love out for an airing and must dress accordingly. Pretty Miss Fox is a vision in her yellow dress and blue buttons. She has wrapped her arm delicately through his while they make their way along the hilltops, the result of which has made a wreck of Harry's composure. Due to his nerves, his face has become flushed and his bow (which was once starched and perfect) has begun to droop, but there is no doubt in little Miss Fox's mind that he is an extremely dashing egg. Even the flowers in his hand were picked to match her wardrobe, and Miss Fox is well aware that she was lucky to find him. Isn't it obvious that these two are pining for each-other!

It is now up and available in the shoppe.

The idea started off somewhat absurd, but by the time I had finished the painting, I had fallen in love with their impossible little romance. I had thought that perhaps it would be fun if he could be related to Humpty Dumpty, and I have decided that he is his brother. Perhaps their Mother was infatuated with names that began with H and ended in Y.  But whereas Humpty is a rough, baddish sort of egg, his brother Harry is nothing but good and sweetness.

I found myself hoping that things will work out for them, but perhaps I am just feeling romantic due to the day associated with February the 14th. With those storm clouds on their horizon, I hope that they do not encounter too many storms during their courtship. 
Of course it would only stand to reason that I would be a sucker for a valentine on canvas.

Love is blooming in the air today, in our world and theirs!

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