February 12, 2012

The Wonderland Series Continued

Here is the latest painting in my Down the Rabbit-Hole series which is now available for sale in the shoppe!

  The Walrus and the Carpenter 10x8

The poem of the Walrus and the Carpenter is in my opinion one of the funnest in all of Looking Glass Land. Though, I do feel sorry for all of those poor little oysters.
Of course I couldn't simply make this a typical rendering I had to throw in my own little touch and make the carpenter a rabbit whom I have given the name of Tom. (I happen to know a master carpenter by this name, though I feel certain he would not take part in this oyster exploitation.) In this painting I have the pair of them walking to the sea, whilst they recited:

"The Walrus and the Carpenter
Walked on a mile or so,
And then they rested on a rock
Conveniently low:
And all the little Oysters stood
And waited in a row.

'The time has come' the Walrus said,
'To talk of many things:
Of shoes - and ships - and sealing wax -
Of cabbages - and kings -
And why the sea is boiling hot
And whether pigs have wings.' "

-Lewis Carrol Through the Looking Glass

Though Alice fell down a rabbit hole in the first book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland I have combined both books for my series, because I so dearly love them both. However the series is titled after what she is most known for, falling down that peculiar rabbit-hole! So expect to see a few more friends from Looking Glass Land popping up throughout this series.

I am feeling particularly Alice today.

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