March 23, 2012

The Red Queen of Hearts

Here is another of my recent paintings I have been waiting to share with you! The Red Queen of Hearts has arrived in the shoppe!

 The Red Queen of Hearts 8x10
I have never thought of the Queen of Hearts as being all spit and fire. I suspect that she could have her regal moments as well, where she could even be considered sweet. This is such a time, and it leaves us forgiving all of the random bouts of "Off with their head!"
Here the queen is posed with her flamingo mallet during a rousing game of croquet! Her cheeks slightly flushed from the passion of the sport. If he were my flamingo I should think I would call him Floyd, but that's just me.

I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying spring in all its glory! The daffodils have bloomed early here, this weather is unheard of for our part of Michigan. We have been setting records for warm weather in March. It almost makes me want to break out our croquet set! 
 As you can see the Queen of Hearts has beat me to it and already has hers out.

It's a lovely start to a splendid spring!

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