April 21, 2012

Alice and the Drink Me Bottle

Fresh off the easel is my latest addition to my Alice in Wonderland "Down the Rabbit-Hole" series.

And speaking of rabbit-holes...
Alice at the bottom of the rabbit-hole itself is now up for sale in the shop!

 Alice and the Drink Me Bottle 8x10

Alice and that infamous drink me bottle are at it again! I do adore the idea of a little bottle with a paper label round its neck with DRINK ME beautifully printed in large letters. I painted Alice after her fall inside the rabbit's hole. The dirt walls are covered with roots sticking out in all directions. She just couldn't keep from wondering what was inside that little bottle that read DRINK ME.

(It had, in fact, a sort of mixed flavor of cherry tart, custard, pine-apple, roast turkey, toffee, and hot buttered toast) she very soon finished it off.
 "What a curious feeling!" said Alice.
-Lewis Carroll

This was particularly fun to paint with all of those gnarled roots in the background!

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