April 5, 2012

Discovering Wonder(land)

Where my mind has been lately

I have found myself crawling so far down the rabbit hole that I have forgotten to come up for air and the occasional blog post. So much so, that it evens trickles out while I am doodling on the sidewalk.
Am I the only one who still loves to indulge them-self in that delightful childhood pastime, sidewalk chalk art?
I'll admit there have been times when I find myself in a frightful battle with a piece of chalk. You have to watch them, they can be so tricky sometimes! 
This was my favorite part, the watch:

I'm not sure if you can see them, but there are little (or maybe not so little) golden retriever footprints scattered throughout my silly little doodle. She likes to help!

 The next painting is almost finished!! I just have to finish a few more final touches and I have begun the basic sketch for the next!

Thankfully even in a busy schedule, there is always time for a bit of silliness!  

Happy Easter to you!

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