April 26, 2012

Honey Bear Bee Skep

My most recent painting started out as a little bee in my bonnet until I put brush to paper. Here is some of the inspiration behind what became the finished product.

 My Dad started keeping bees as a teenager and so while my brother and I were growing up we always helped him with his bees. I enjoyed helping him so much that he and I keep the bees together now and the tradition lives on!

Those old skeps are a great fascination of mine.
Here is a picture of out quaint little wooden bee hives.

And then the painting which came from it all.... which is now available in the shop!

This little bear seems to have it all figured out, his body is made of a bee skep so his sweet honey is always readily available! I'm very fond of bees as I am a beekeeper myself, my Dad and I have always kept bees it's a lovely hobby and so rewarding too! There's nothing like a spot of honey in your cup of tea and on your biscuit, as I'm sure this bear knows!
Happy Thursday!

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