May 23, 2012

Wonderful Wonderland Films

Some films I have been dwelling on lately, due to all of the white rabbits and endless decks of cards gallivanting across my thoughts.

 A very colorful and fun film! The song for turtle soup is certainly not to be missed!


Black & White films are a true favorite of mine, there is an art to them that has never lost its appeal to me. As an added bonus I think that W.C. Fields plays a superb Humpty Dumpty! How much more interesting was the old costumes and make-up they used to have! So much more imaginative than some of the fancier graphics!

More of a science fiction twist, this take on wonderland certainly gets a ten for originality, though it is completely different than the classic tale! It is a blend of both stories I believe, but mostly it is through the looking glass! The White Knight was one of my favorite characters mostly for his insanity!

On another note, we are currently at work on some delightful goodies that we just can't wait to share with all of you! We hope to have them in our shop soon, along with the final Down the Rabbit Hole painting!!

May 15, 2012

A sweet for a sweetheart

I have never boasted the best of cooking skills, but if you put a recipe in front of me I'll at least give it my best shot! The kitchen has been heating up in an attempt to keep up with my baking! That's right, I have been baking another sweet for our teeth! Tomorrow is my Mum's birthday and for the occasion the oven has just presented  me with a Carrot Cake! I made it a day in advance so I could admire my work before it is devoured, and I decided to share it with you.

That's cream cheese frosting on top with walnuts! Homemade cream cheese frosting! I licked the spoon to sample it- Verdict: I don't think it will make it through the night! Something of interest: That tablecloth underneath is my great-grandmother's. I really love the bright cheerful colors! Anything vintage and retro around me is greatly enjoyed and doesn't stand a chance not to become an instant favorite.

I am not the only bookworm in the family, I had to get it from somewhere! So in honour of the day, I grabbed some of Mum's favorite books. A couple of which happen to be mine as well!

1. The Wind in the Willows - by Kenneth Grahame a beautiful little story which I hope you are all familiar with about a mole, a river rat, and a rather troubled toad! Need I say more? Definitely tops the list.

2. Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie - Two books in a series about a little girl and her family during the pioneer era. True and written by the author Laura Ingalls Wilder from her perspective as a little girl. I am more than slightly addicted to history!

3. Rabbit Hill - by Robert Lawson The third book from the bottom in the picture above, a bit of a blur. It is a true children's classic about animals and well, rabbits! We love it!

4. Beatrix Potter: A Journal - Beatrix Potter of course and all of her works! She was a genius with watercolor! We have the entire collection. This particular book is about her life and is endlessly interesting!

5. Many other books not included in this stack!

Many wonderful hours I have spent being read to by or reading with, the wonderful woman that is my mother! But reading is just one of the things we have in common, truth be told we're two peas in a pod (as it is said) and do everything together! I am grateful for her! 

These pictures of her as a little girl were snagged from her photo box! 

Happy Birthday Mum! 
I love you!

May 10, 2012

Nature's Friend

 Taking a bit of a break from the Wonderland series, I have just finished my latest painting titled Nature's Friend! I have added her to the shop today!

She is in the same style as our little Honey Bear Bee Skep, with the same type of flowers coming up around her as it was for him! Centered at the bottom a monarch butterfly which was incredibly fun to paint! 
I'm sure we all know one, or we are one ourselves - (I have to say that I am a nature lover myself). She is ever so sweet and caring. Gentle and compassionate. A true friend to nature!

Nature's Friend 8x10

Wrapped gently around her neck is her sweet kitten companion with bright green eyes, cradled in her arms is a bowl holding two goldfish - are not the little bubbles coming up from its mouth the cutest thing! It's as if they're talking to her! She is even kind enough to let the robin build a nest in her hair, careful not to disturb the three little blue eggs. Of course flowers and butterflies are some of her favorites, as is all of nature!

This painting was inspired by a nature lover that I know, whom is a very dear friend to me! I hope that she can recognize herself! 

With spring's knock upon our door let us be thoughtful and grateful of all the beauty of nature and her creatures around us.

May 9, 2012

EUC (Etsy Ugly Cute) Show You Off Winner!

We're so flattered to have been chosen as this week's winner on EUC (Etsy Ugly Cute)! Our painting of the Unlikely Courtship was given this honour -which you might remember from a previous post!

They are a wonderful group of Estyians be sure to check them out!
A great big thanks guys!

A Subtle Smile

The latest painting from "Down the Rabbit-Hole" is now available in the shop!

This little guy was so fun to paint! He has quickly become one of my favorites in the series with those mysterious green eyes of his! They're much the same color as my own kitty's eyes.

The Cheshire Cat 8x10

Known for his mischievous grin the Cheshire Cat skirts in and out of Alice's adventures, and his quirky character has won the hearts of many. Unlike the popular toothy grin, I chose a subtle sweet smile to lay upon the Cheshire Cat's lips. He is always so fond of mischief that I placed him in the midst of frazzled Five painting the roses red, it seemed just the sort of chaos he would thrive in!

 Some of my favorite little details include the half painted rose and the fallen petals scattered on the ground, not to mention the shiny buttons on the Five of Heart's shoes.

And so, we find ourselves with only one painting remaining in the Down the Rabbit-hole series! It is currently underway and it will be added to my shop soon! 
Enjoy your spring day!