May 10, 2012

Nature's Friend

 Taking a bit of a break from the Wonderland series, I have just finished my latest painting titled Nature's Friend! I have added her to the shop today!

She is in the same style as our little Honey Bear Bee Skep, with the same type of flowers coming up around her as it was for him! Centered at the bottom a monarch butterfly which was incredibly fun to paint! 
I'm sure we all know one, or we are one ourselves - (I have to say that I am a nature lover myself). She is ever so sweet and caring. Gentle and compassionate. A true friend to nature!

Nature's Friend 8x10

Wrapped gently around her neck is her sweet kitten companion with bright green eyes, cradled in her arms is a bowl holding two goldfish - are not the little bubbles coming up from its mouth the cutest thing! It's as if they're talking to her! She is even kind enough to let the robin build a nest in her hair, careful not to disturb the three little blue eggs. Of course flowers and butterflies are some of her favorites, as is all of nature!

This painting was inspired by a nature lover that I know, whom is a very dear friend to me! I hope that she can recognize herself! 

With spring's knock upon our door let us be thoughtful and grateful of all the beauty of nature and her creatures around us.