May 9, 2012

A Subtle Smile

The latest painting from "Down the Rabbit-Hole" is now available in the shop!

This little guy was so fun to paint! He has quickly become one of my favorites in the series with those mysterious green eyes of his! They're much the same color as my own kitty's eyes.

The Cheshire Cat 8x10

Known for his mischievous grin the Cheshire Cat skirts in and out of Alice's adventures, and his quirky character has won the hearts of many. Unlike the popular toothy grin, I chose a subtle sweet smile to lay upon the Cheshire Cat's lips. He is always so fond of mischief that I placed him in the midst of frazzled Five painting the roses red, it seemed just the sort of chaos he would thrive in!

 Some of my favorite little details include the half painted rose and the fallen petals scattered on the ground, not to mention the shiny buttons on the Five of Heart's shoes.

And so, we find ourselves with only one painting remaining in the Down the Rabbit-hole series! It is currently underway and it will be added to my shop soon! 
Enjoy your spring day!

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