May 23, 2012

Wonderful Wonderland Films

Some films I have been dwelling on lately, due to all of the white rabbits and endless decks of cards gallivanting across my thoughts.

 A very colorful and fun film! The song for turtle soup is certainly not to be missed!


Black & White films are a true favorite of mine, there is an art to them that has never lost its appeal to me. As an added bonus I think that W.C. Fields plays a superb Humpty Dumpty! How much more interesting was the old costumes and make-up they used to have! So much more imaginative than some of the fancier graphics!

More of a science fiction twist, this take on wonderland certainly gets a ten for originality, though it is completely different than the classic tale! It is a blend of both stories I believe, but mostly it is through the looking glass! The White Knight was one of my favorite characters mostly for his insanity!

On another note, we are currently at work on some delightful goodies that we just can't wait to share with all of you! We hope to have them in our shop soon, along with the final Down the Rabbit Hole painting!!

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