June 11, 2012

The Blue Caterpillar

The final painting in the wonderland series Down the Rabbit-Hole I have been working on is finished at last and in the shop, and I must say I couldn't be more pleased with it.

How marvelous and bizarre meeting the Blue Caterpillar must have been for Alice! He is such a mysterious fellow. I pictured the Caterpillar as a fuzzy chap with brownish-gold hair as opposed to the more frequent blue skin. I decided to give him a very elegant blue vest with loads of little gold buttons, quite striking against his dark hair. He is perched atop his polka dot mushroom puffing out smoke rings, three in a row according to size. He couldn't look more dandy than he does in his miniature monocle and slick black hair modeled up into very fashionable little rings resting on the top of his head! Alice has shrunk down to the size of mouse and is peeking up over the edge of the mushroom at the unusual sight. 

While the passing bumble bee and blue Forget-me-nots observing the entire scene are my secret favorites! 

The Caterpillar seemed occupied with the thought of who Alice was but, I find myself wondering a bit about him. Mr Caterpillar, who are YOU?

Actually the name "The Blue Caterpillar" is a nickname for him, whilst through the book he remains simply The Caterpillar. However I did like the ring to it, and I titled my painting after it and of course that's why the blue vest made an appearance! 

It was such fun to do this series I am sad to see the end of it, Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories. A true classic book for all ages. 

I am currently at work on some other goodies to share soon, as well as another series in the not-so-distant future perhaps. Until then have a grand day and don't forget to take time to smell the flowers.


  1. Beautiful illustrations! I too just love Alice in wonderland!

    1. Thanks so much Izzy! Wonderland is so grand because it is never outgrown!