June 6, 2012

Venus, Fairies and Emma

Yesterday evening Venus, the brightest planet, made her way across the Sun for a rare viewing most people see just once in their lifetime. Seeing as it isn't going to happen again for a very long time, we were determined to catch it this time around. We tried several different approaches we even made a pinhole camera box to view it, but it was so tiny it was difficult to see. Emma our Golden Retriever was very interested in the box. She held her squeaky toy Mr. Rabbit above it, as if showing it to him too.

Finally after much trial and error our entire family was able to see the wondrous event, using the Crabtree approach! We projected it onto a wall using a tripod, a pair of binoculars and some patience. We were able to watch it for quite a while, only having to get up every few minutes to refocus the lens. We tried to capture it with our camera, but it came out a little fuzzy. This one turned out the clearest, Venus is the dot in the bottom right corner.

  Eventually we started casting shadow puppets on the wall, and at some point this little fairy figurine made an appearance aside Venus, now a fuzzy dot as we hadn't gotten up to refocus the lens for a while.

 It was all great fun, and it was a memorable event to share!
Happy trails Venus!

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