July 12, 2012

A Day Off, Summer Pondering & Thinking Trees

Yesterday the heat got the better of me, and I succumbed to painting a face on my pulled pork sandwich. He is done in the world's best honey barbecue sauce, and after I was finished I actually was quite pleased with his magnificent handlebar mustache. I'll admit that I felt somewhat guilty to eat him after I gave him a face and a name. So I just closed my eyes and munched, it was all over very quickly. 
But he lives on here, my Mr. Sandwich.

Those potatoes in the back are nothing short of magnificent! Baked potatoes that were fried with parsley and butter. Oh my! I should probably take this time to say that I am a huge fan of potatoes. Potato anything, I'll eat it (so long as it doesn't have mayonnaise)!

The whole scene is placed on my Grandmother's apron, the brown gingham is so pretty and vintage! She had quite a collection of aprons. She always ironed and starched them to a perfect crispness. They are so pretty! They make cooking fashionable, and they make me think of her. 
I will have to show some more of her aprons here sometime.

Added to our meal was a delicious salad that we picked from our garden. Yes, the organic lettuce is here!
As is the apple pie and sweet iced tea. Really is there any other way to drink it than from a mason jar?

I had taken the day off from the easel to ponder a few new projects, so after our meal we headed to the out-of-doors for some more refreshments and conversation!
I brought along my notebook to capture ideas while we sat under our Thinking Tree.

Fresh ideas were flowing from underneath the tree that I helped plant as a little girl. It has beautiful white flowers that bloom in the spring and lovely foliage in the fall. It was grand to just enjoy each other's company and the Queen Anne's Lace was too pretty to leave out of the picture!

Just one of our little pieces of Heaven.


  1. Oh I wish I inherited some of that green thumb! Sadly I can't keep anything green alive. I'm sure the garden is filled with treats. And we are also big fans of the mason jar - really ice tea and lemonade shouldn't be served any other way in the summer. We should both do a painting of Queen Anne's Lace and do a trade. It's one of my favorites and became a pendant last month. Miss you guys! Can't wait to see what springs forth here next.

    1. A trade would be great fun! Queen Anne's Lace has always been one of my favorite, can you believe it's actually from the carrot family? It's beautiful, though it may considered a weed, it will always be a flower in my book! Miss you too, I'm sure your pendant turned out lovely!

  2. how wonderful that you planted your 'thinking tree' when you were a girl. love your addies. i am longing for wood ones as my plastic ones keep getting blown and broken from the wind that comes across the field. it was hot here too. hot hot hot.

    1. Thank you, I'm sure your addies are comfy and nice! Hope the weather is cooling off on your side Pamela.