July 10, 2012

The Visitor and the Bee Pendant

Despite the dry weather, our garden has been prospering. We have been braving the heat to give it a well deserved watering every night. While tending to the raspberry bushes, an unexpected visitor presented himself among the brambles. The largest moth I have ever come across, spanning a good five inches from one wing tip to the other. 

Needless to say after encountering such a wondrous specimen I dashed into the house and snagged a butterfly net. I was so certain that I had discovered a new species that would turn Gene Stratton-Porter's ears red with envy (who also happens to be one of Mum's favorite naturalists and authors -writer to her favorite "The Keeper of the Bees").

As it should turn out there was no need, he was so gentle he didn't even try to escape. He must have only recently emerged from his cocoon apartment. 
I actually think that that might be my undiscovered moth in Miss Porter's hands...

Though he didn't turn out to be the find that would earn us national acclaim, he did win a spot in our hearts, as the treasure hidden in the wood-chips.

Boys and girls meet the Polyphemus Moth!

Speaking of winged things, the bee necklace is now up and available at the shop!

I absolutely love her! She is such a regal tiny queen bee and the white background looks striking against the antique bronze! I think I might be getting just a bit obsessed with these little wearable arts!

Well off I go, happy trails!

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