August 23, 2012

Hooray, A Sale Announcement!

I have been working on that surprise I hinted to and though it's not yet ready I just can't wait to share it! While I was working on it, I was pleasantly surprised to have a wee companion beside me.

Never in my life have I ever seen a walking stick in person, (seeing one on the other side of the tellie doesn't really feel like it should count.) But here one was walking across the window. I positively squealed with delight! I've always had a soft spot for friendly little insects. 

So carefully I placed him in a mason jar that was handy and sat him beside me whilst I worked. 
(That's a paintbrush in there, serving as a makeshift perch for the lil' fella.)

In case you're still unsure of the cause for my extreme pleasure, you should be aware that they look so much like a stick that they are virtually impossible to spot in the out-of-doors. After the paintbrushes were cleaned for the day and a few cups of tea were drank, we released our little friend so that he could be a pleasant surprise for another day.

And now, I am pleased to announce the very first ever Blooming Hare sale!
Now through September 4th there will be a sale on all prints in the shop! 
I'm so excited!

Off to more painting now, have a grand day my little rabbits!


  1. Just discovered your work via the Etsy Ugly cute team. Just wonderfull! :-)

    1. Thank you Geneviève! I'm so glad that you like my work.