September 25, 2012

Holiday in Photos

Well, the trees were on to me. They were still green even further up north, so we ventured to the beach and walked out to the lighthouse instead! That lighthouse is actually in the shape of a ship's bow. It was quite a windy adventure, which tossed my hair into a fright and the whole thing was delightful.

This rock looked like it belonged on the coast of Ireland somewhere. I have since dubbed it my Little Irish Rock.

We encountered several seagulls and one in particular took a very handsome picture. 

As you can see here, the trees are still very much green despite my earlier assumptions. 

This little lake town had one of the neatest statues standing outside of their library. A girl with an open book in her hands watches while birds are flying out of it. I positively flipped when I saw it! We had to have a quick stop on the side of the road while I dashed out wielding my camera.

The owl took the cake in my opinion! 

 I could find only one tree that had any real color. We made another stop and I snapped this singular color for the entire ride. It was beautiful enough for the whole trip though. Yellow and red, my favorite!

So I will have to be patient and wait for my own. Actually by the time we got back from our holiday, the trees here were starting to yellow slightly.
Go figure.

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