September 30, 2012

Winter Procession Greeting Cards

Oh joy of joys, woodland greeting cards are now here in my hands! These three little merry paraders would make for a delightful Christmas, holiday or anytime surprise in the mail or by hand! It's official, Winter Procession has marched its little self straight into my heart. 

The set contains 6 folded cards, with matching cream envelopes. The size is just around 4"x5.25" so they're very cute sized cards, they also have blank insides just waiting to carry your own personal messages. 

I also wanted to make them available individually, for that one special letter. Envelope included too!

..and there are those cute little pine trees in action! The logo turned out so great, everything about these cards look so much better in person. I think they're completely charming, and I'm pleased as punch with them! The stock has a nice weight to it which feels nice in your hand, sort of a big deal to me.

These are exactly the type of card I would love to get in the ol' snail mail. 

They'll be available tomorrow (October 1st) in the Blooming Hare shop.

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