September 1, 2012

Winter Procession

Though it's probably a bit premature to start hanging up the stockings and mistletoe, it has been snowing at The Blooming Hare! The newest painting is this girl's dreaming of the wintry days still far far ahead, it's now available in the shop.

Winter Procession 10x8 watercolor painting

When I was just sketching this painting, a little story of a young girl with tired legs being offered a ride by the White Bear King entered my thoughts. The deer sporting a very cheery scarf somehow slipped in with his drum as the official/unofficial escort of the duo. They all become very good friends over their journey.  Their adventure along the winter paths and turns ahead lead them to the home of the polar bears. Where mounds of candy canes and hot chocolate await them for a true winter feast! Oh what fun they will have building ice-cream snowmen!

It's my hope to have little note cards of these made up for your correspondence needs in the winter months and Christmas. The prints are lovely and would make great gifts and I think these would be adorable as cards as well. I would love to receive one of these in the old snail mail! 

Kind thoughts sent your way this sweet Saturday!


  1. what an adorable illustration! i really love the warm palette you used, and no, it can't be too early for seasonal works. :]

  2. I so adore your art work and talent! This print is especially sweet and endearing. Eager to see your note cards during the holiday season; I'll be in line.


  3. Your artwork is so beautiful! I found you through the etsy blog team. Rebecca @ Soap Deli News Blog

  4. This is awesome art. I love it. I also found you through the etsy blog team. I'll be sure to check out your holiday note cards.
    Laura from RecycleRoom on etsy
    Daydreams and Dust Bunnies blog

  5. Thank you so much everyone! I'm so glad that you like my little winter trio!

  6. I like the style and mood of your pictures!

  7. hello,
    i found you on Amalia's blog. have scrolled back this far in your blog this morning. you share lovely things with your readers.

    this piece is so charming. I love the hip of the deer, the way it sticks out a bit and your kind bear offering a ride. so wonderful.

    lovely holidays to you!