October 25, 2012

Ooo! October Update!

October has been such a busy, busy month for me! I'm still hard at work on that surprise I mentioned, it also is the month that rolls around and means another birthday for yours truly! We always have family-get-togethers in October and I want to make sure that I still take the time to enjoy the glorious fall colors before all those hard working leaves have fallen. With that said, I managed to slip away from all those wonderful activities long enough to make up some new Blooming Hare items. 

1. The Winter Owl necklace is really exciting to me, he looks so striking in his oval pendant (I'm really falling for them) and he has had some pretty nifty news as of late!

2. The red caped girl and the White Bear King from the Winter Procession have marched themselves into greeting cards and are now available as a necklace. They make a beautiful pendant.

3. I have long pined for a Fergus Fox necklace to make an appearance in the shop, the new oval pendant shape was the answer because I just couldn't part with his little ducky. I made one as a gift to myself and have received many compliments about him. And now he is always near to my heart!

- Fergus Fox and I -

4. The Winter Procession actually got made into two necklaces, each one told such a story I couldn't resist. Here we have our little drumming deer and his plaid scarf, I picture some merry little rhythm pulsing through the glass pendant, something brisk and sweet I should think!

5. For all the Alice in Wonderland lovers out there, I am pleased to make my Down the Rabbit Hole series available as a greeting card set. There are 8 folded cards in total, each being a painting from my wonderland series, I worked on last spring. The cards are blank on the inside, have a nice heavy weight to them and come with matching cream envelopes. They look just grand, and are waiting for all of your personal correspondence needs!

All of these are now available in The Shop as of today!
Happy Thursday!


  1. I had such fun going through your shop...what wonderful, dreamy work!

  2. Found you from Just off the Easel Team. What a great way to get to know other team members. Absolutely lovely and unique necklaces.

  3. I found you on Etsy and we are also members of the foxes den team. I love your work!