November 30, 2012

Pinecones and Candy Canes

Oh the sugar-plums are beginning to dance in my head over these latest cards that just came in! 

The official Blooming Hare 2012 Holiday Card Set "Pinecones and Candy Canes" is a set of 6 folded cards with matching cream envelopes. That red sweater she's wearing was such fun to paint, I was almost sad when I couldn't find any room left to place another snowflake. 

I've already started mailing these off to family and friends! It's such a good feeling to pass along a Christmas greeting that matches my personality! 

Tonight we're trimming the tree and gulping down mugs of eggnog, of course I think some pizza rolls are going to get thrown into the oven later as well (I'm a complete victim of those frozen little rolls)! This is the earliest we've EVER put up the tree, I'm so giddy I can't hardly stand it! So I'm off! Hope all of your holiday preparations are getting off to such a good start as mine!

November 27, 2012

WhooHoo, A Holiday Sale!


I am in an especially merry mood today, I'll be adding a new Christmas card in a day or two, and I have been decking out the shop for the First-Ever-Blooming-Hare-Holiday-Sale!

Tuesday, November 27th - Monday, December 10th
 Hop on over and fill up those little ol' stockings!

November 1, 2012

The Happiest of Halloweens

Well Ash seemed to be the favored of the costumes, I was so pleased that you guys agreed with me.

A sock does not easily fit over your head. That is the first thing that has to be said about the Ash costume I inevitably fell in love with. Mum came to the rescue with a pair of scissors and a recycled shirt, and after a little bit of paint and a few hours of looping the official movie soundtrack, I emerged as the descendant of Mr. F. Fox himself. 

(Note: Dried Squab Giblet Box in hand)

My brother, Seth, went as Mr. Bean (cleverly hunting me down with a toy shotgun), but he can prove to be a bit costume-camera-shy at times so there's no photographic evidence. Oh but what fun we had! We went reverse-trick-or-treating (which is a tradition we do with friends) if you're not familiar with the concept it involves delivering freshly popped pop-corn door to door throughout the neighborhood. Yum!

To top it off,
on the ride home we hopped into a supermarket and I danced down the aisles of the store! I was in sheer ecstasy, feeling like I was walking in Mr. Wes Anderson's darling film and I swear I could hear Let Her Dance playing in the distance.

(bottom right: A hungry Ash shops in the dairy aisle for his favorite treat of yummy yogurt!)

Living breathing characters of the Fantastic Mr. Fox film, little children dressed up in miniature costumes, pineapple ham pizza, crunching the leaves under my feet, apple cider, and family & friends.

All of which made my Halloween quite a happy one indeed.