November 30, 2012

Pinecones and Candy Canes

Oh the sugar-plums are beginning to dance in my head over these latest cards that just came in! 

The official Blooming Hare 2012 Holiday Card Set "Pinecones and Candy Canes" is a set of 6 folded cards with matching cream envelopes. That red sweater she's wearing was such fun to paint, I was almost sad when I couldn't find any room left to place another snowflake. 

I've already started mailing these off to family and friends! It's such a good feeling to pass along a Christmas greeting that matches my personality! 

Tonight we're trimming the tree and gulping down mugs of eggnog, of course I think some pizza rolls are going to get thrown into the oven later as well (I'm a complete victim of those frozen little rolls)! This is the earliest we've EVER put up the tree, I'm so giddy I can't hardly stand it! So I'm off! Hope all of your holiday preparations are getting off to such a good start as mine!


  1. Love this sweet card! I'm working on my tomorrow. :)
    Where do you guys go to get your tree? We are in the market. I keep eyeballing the pines out our back window and thinking, hmm maybe. But then I have flashbacks to Disney's Chip & Dale Christmas and I'm sure I'd end up with unexpected guests.

  2. beautiful card! you have beautiful pieces and a lovely blog! visiting you from the etsy 19th century team!


  3. Loved to find your blog!

    Merry Christmas!