December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to you!
May peace and plenty be the first to lift the latch on your door.

December 20, 2012

A Ginger House

Gingerbread houses have always been something of a tradition for us.
Here is the one we made this year.

Aside from the house itself, I'm in love with the miniature scene taking place around it. It looks like the very gingerbread house that first tempted Hansel and Gretel. Of course if you know anything about the Brothers Grimm you would know that today marks the 200th anniversary of the first Grimm's Fairy-tale collection being in print! So it only made sense to share our storybook confection today of all days.

I am a huge fan Jacob and Wilhelm! A Happy "Birthday" from me!

Mama and I had so much fun putting the whole thing together, we listened to our favorite holiday tunes while the frosting flew! One of my favorite parts about this particular ginger house is the deer frolicking everywhere.
(Take notice of the one on the roof in the top photo!)

All of the tiny details are what make it my favorite house we've ever done! The Oreos make for a yummy cobblestone pathway, while a wheat broomstick rests against the house. Even acorn tops made an appearance on top of peppermints. Pinecone trees and a sugar-cone candy forest topped with gumdrops envelope the scene as it unfolds. 

On top of everything else, I can't get over how the two "lights" on the front look like eyes and the door a appears to be a mouth! It's as if the entire thing is coming to life. 

Then after it gets dark we turn on the lights, and oh it is something to behold! It's like walking on the pages of a well written book!

Just more proof that you never outgrow the fun things you enjoyed doing as a child!


I was recently approached by the very talented Amalia from Pencils and Fireflies for a peek into my sketchbook to be featured on her site. I was very flattered and immediately went rummaging through the pages.

I have been doing so many concept ideas for that top secret project that while I was looking through my sketchbook I found that I had completely forgotten about a few of my other friends I had stored away in there. 

Fergus Fox and his sister, I always intended the two of them to be a little set. I had all but forgotten that he was supposed to be accompanied by his sweet sister, Iris. This is the original drawing of them together.

This sweater adorning lass was inspired by my Christmas card Pinecones and Candy Canes. She's the unfinished sketch of a Valentines greeting card I had been working on. 

So I was very delighted to run across them, and it's all thanks to Amalia for having me go searching through my old doodles! No more black and white for these girls, I'll be bringing them into the world of color shortly. I also talked a little about the inspiration behind the pieces for the feature which you can read here!

A big thanks to Amalia for giving these drawings, which a been in the dark for so long, a little spotlight.

December 10, 2012

A Little Fa lalalala

I encountered the first snowfall while I was coming out of church yesterday afternoon, and I was more than slightly over the moon happy to see it! My Emma dog and I have been outside playing in it this morning- even though it hasn't stuck yet -and now I'm sitting here warming up with a cup of green tea.

 Needless to say it's feeling quite jolly in our house. We're doing little Christmas-y things each day to get ready, and one of my favorites is lighting our advent candles each Sunday leading up to the special day. Sometimes a morning just has that baking-day-feel to it. So when we sensed it, were we lazy? Of course not! 

We hopped right to it.

The best sugar cookies ever with three different toppings? Yes please!


Here a couple of right jolly ol' elves are trooping between the plates of goodies. These guys make an appearance each December at our house, ever since I can remember, and they're more than dear to me. 


So far we've practiced good willpower and haven't devoured the pretty little treats ... yet.

I hope this finds everyone merry and bright. I'm focusing extra hard on having a really white Christmas this year, it's been a while since we've had a full fledged, knee-deep winter wonderland out there on December 25th, and that's what I'm hoping for. So cross your fingers for me!

December 5, 2012

December Rose

I have been in a somewhat melancholy-hopeless-romantic-mood as of late. So perhaps that would explain why this December rose stood out so much to me. There was something so beautiful, yet sad, about the tiny rose I found. The only color in a sea of greys and browns. I happen to be of the opinion that the rose wouldn't be a fraction as beautiful without its thorns, so this solitary bloom positively popped in a bush of  pure thorns.

This unusually warm weather we Michigan-dwellers are having must have enticed her out. I'm just grateful I had my camera with me when I happened by it, so I could share this last remnant of fair weather before the snow begins to fly.