December 5, 2012

December Rose

I have been in a somewhat melancholy-hopeless-romantic-mood as of late. So perhaps that would explain why this December rose stood out so much to me. There was something so beautiful, yet sad, about the tiny rose I found. The only color in a sea of greys and browns. I happen to be of the opinion that the rose wouldn't be a fraction as beautiful without its thorns, so this solitary bloom positively popped in a bush of  pure thorns.

This unusually warm weather we Michigan-dwellers are having must have enticed her out. I'm just grateful I had my camera with me when I happened by it, so I could share this last remnant of fair weather before the snow begins to fly.


  1. What a beautiful and gentle capture, thank you so much for sharing this beauty with us. There is almost a vulnerability to the rose and it's message. Have a truly wonderful week x I love your shop!

  2. I feel that way when I see those late blooms long past when they should have shown up too!