December 20, 2012


I was recently approached by the very talented Amalia from Pencils and Fireflies for a peek into my sketchbook to be featured on her site. I was very flattered and immediately went rummaging through the pages.

I have been doing so many concept ideas for that top secret project that while I was looking through my sketchbook I found that I had completely forgotten about a few of my other friends I had stored away in there. 

Fergus Fox and his sister, I always intended the two of them to be a little set. I had all but forgotten that he was supposed to be accompanied by his sweet sister, Iris. This is the original drawing of them together.

This sweater adorning lass was inspired by my Christmas card Pinecones and Candy Canes. She's the unfinished sketch of a Valentines greeting card I had been working on. 

So I was very delighted to run across them, and it's all thanks to Amalia for having me go searching through my old doodles! No more black and white for these girls, I'll be bringing them into the world of color shortly. I also talked a little about the inspiration behind the pieces for the feature which you can read here!

A big thanks to Amalia for giving these drawings, which a been in the dark for so long, a little spotlight.


  1. Thank you for lending me your lovely sketches, Gretchen. And thank you for sharing the link here. :) XOXO