January 12, 2012

Emma the Golden Retriever

It's high time our golden retriever Emma made her debut on this blog.
 Here she is with her favorite squeaky toy, a pink bunny rabbit (how fitting!),

and also on a nature walk taking in the wonderful sights and smells of the wilds.

She certainly knows how to enjoy a day and we have been taking lessons from her.

Hope you enjoy your day as much as we've been enjoying ours!
Remember to look for the beauty in even the smallest of things.

See you soon!

January 11, 2012

A Love of January

In keeping with my adoration for all things winter, and January is no exception, I went out with camera in hand to chronicle the beauty of this new month.

I fell in love with these fallen apples I found lying on the ground shivering in the cold.
They quite stole my heart.


That lone apple was clinging on to its branch for dear life, it has held on so far so I felt called to give it some much due recognition, however small.
My beautiful shivering apples.

Soon I will have new paintings to share with you!

Until then, Happy Wednesday!

January 9, 2012

Dwelling on Birds

My thoughts went out to small birds today
and so I looked for them...

Their usual trees were barren of them

They were not at home and I did not think it polite to let myself in, so we left little treats by their house as presents and a bit of a bribe.

Hopefully the birds will show themselves tomorrow.
They are always so cheerful and happy.

A happy day to you!

January 8, 2012

The Hint

All of my day today has been spent painting and sipping black tea from this little fella. He's an adorable little owl teapot with a cup hiding underneath him (his round little belly).

I just couldn't help myself and I had to share him. 

He is so wonderful! 
And he knows how to brew a mean cup of tea too. So it's true then, owls really are wise!
And now, a little spoiler the tiny hint to the painting I am currently working on...

 Yes, it includes the owl!
My darling little bunny also makes an appearance.
So, what does this make us think of, and what does tea bring to mind?

I'm just bursting to tell! 
I'd better go off and paint before I let that infamous cat out of the bag!

Mum made beautiful soup so here's this little rabbit's dinner tonight.

Mum and I agree, in all this world there is no food so comforting as soup.

January 6, 2012

Owls and Winter

Six days into the new year, and it has so far proved to be a pleasant one!

Though we might have had a green Christmas this year, thoughts from this corner of the world have been directed at snow ridden tree branches with owls!

My favorite!

"Winter Owl" 8x10

A barred owl perched atop a snow covered branch high in the mountains caught the corner of my eye one day. He is enveloped within a heart of a clear skied winter day, he seemed to be off in a world of his own. Who could resist capturing this moment? Who.

 And now it's off to painting for me!
Happy Friday!

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Welcome 2012!
I love the idea of a year starting all over again!
I'm excited about all of the new opportunities and adventures hiding in this new year.

As I sip on a glorious cup of tea I am overflowing with joys and hopes and new beginnings.
I'm working on a few more paintings whose births will take place in this new year. I can't wait to share them!

Enjoy your day and be sure to have a listen to Auld Lang Syne (one of my favorites).

Happy New Year!
May peace and plenty be the first to lift the latch on your door.