September 30, 2012

Winter Procession Greeting Cards

Oh joy of joys, woodland greeting cards are now here in my hands! These three little merry paraders would make for a delightful Christmas, holiday or anytime surprise in the mail or by hand! It's official, Winter Procession has marched its little self straight into my heart. 

The set contains 6 folded cards, with matching cream envelopes. The size is just around 4"x5.25" so they're very cute sized cards, they also have blank insides just waiting to carry your own personal messages. 

I also wanted to make them available individually, for that one special letter. Envelope included too!

..and there are those cute little pine trees in action! The logo turned out so great, everything about these cards look so much better in person. I think they're completely charming, and I'm pleased as punch with them! The stock has a nice weight to it which feels nice in your hand, sort of a big deal to me.

These are exactly the type of card I would love to get in the ol' snail mail. 

They'll be available tomorrow (October 1st) in the Blooming Hare shop.

September 25, 2012

Holiday in Photos

Well, the trees were on to me. They were still green even further up north, so we ventured to the beach and walked out to the lighthouse instead! That lighthouse is actually in the shape of a ship's bow. It was quite a windy adventure, which tossed my hair into a fright and the whole thing was delightful.

This rock looked like it belonged on the coast of Ireland somewhere. I have since dubbed it my Little Irish Rock.

We encountered several seagulls and one in particular took a very handsome picture. 

As you can see here, the trees are still very much green despite my earlier assumptions. 

This little lake town had one of the neatest statues standing outside of their library. A girl with an open book in her hands watches while birds are flying out of it. I positively flipped when I saw it! We had to have a quick stop on the side of the road while I dashed out wielding my camera.

The owl took the cake in my opinion! 

 I could find only one tree that had any real color. We made another stop and I snapped this singular color for the entire ride. It was beautiful enough for the whole trip though. Yellow and red, my favorite!

So I will have to be patient and wait for my own. Actually by the time we got back from our holiday, the trees here were starting to yellow slightly.
Go figure.

September 20, 2012

Off they went!

Just sent off the Winter Procession to the printers to be turned into little note cards!
I'm so antsy about getting to hold them in my hands!

Here is the little Blooming Hare logo I went with for the backs.
Who doesn't love three little pine trees lined up in a row?

I'll be sharing them with all of you the moment they come back! 

I'll be doing a little traveling into the upper parts of Michigan to absorb some of the beautiful colors that have already graced the trees up there. I'm cheating a bit and not waiting for my own trees to change (they're slow-pokes!) When I come back I'll try share some of those pictures with you as well! 

Oh fall, you so entrance me!

September 14, 2012

Sometimes I Get a Nice Surprise

...and I like to share it. Recently I was sent a photo with two of my wonderland prints, Alice and the Drink Me Bottle & The White Rabbit, in action! I thought it was so sweet to have a follow-up and see them in their new home. I think they look just lovely, thanks for snapping the photo and sending it to me! I always love to hear my art is being enjoyed!

 Such a nice thought.
Thanks for letting me share this (you know who you are!).

September 12, 2012

A Delightful Surrender (autumn)

Fall is creeping up on nature, when the trees succumb to their long nap it is the most delightful sort of surrender. It's my favorite time of year (in case I haven't said that before)! We are preparing for her by harvesting the last of the summer veggies.

While picking through the peas and shelling a few we ran across the proverbial two peas in a pod. I couldn't resist snapping a photo to share with you. They were just as snug and cozy as you would imagine them to be!

We also built a new addition for our busy little honey bees. I love to linger around the hive just to catch a whiff of the rich dark honey, which we hope to harvest soon. My own dear Da is introducing the girls to their new home. Below is their little story told in pictures.

Oh autumn, please hurry up!

September 1, 2012

Winter Procession

Though it's probably a bit premature to start hanging up the stockings and mistletoe, it has been snowing at The Blooming Hare! The newest painting is this girl's dreaming of the wintry days still far far ahead, it's now available in the shop.

Winter Procession 10x8 watercolor painting

When I was just sketching this painting, a little story of a young girl with tired legs being offered a ride by the White Bear King entered my thoughts. The deer sporting a very cheery scarf somehow slipped in with his drum as the official/unofficial escort of the duo. They all become very good friends over their journey.  Their adventure along the winter paths and turns ahead lead them to the home of the polar bears. Where mounds of candy canes and hot chocolate await them for a true winter feast! Oh what fun they will have building ice-cream snowmen!

It's my hope to have little note cards of these made up for your correspondence needs in the winter months and Christmas. The prints are lovely and would make great gifts and I think these would be adorable as cards as well. I would love to receive one of these in the old snail mail! 

Kind thoughts sent your way this sweet Saturday!