December 31, 2013

2014 Here We Come

...hope you're ready!

 There's something just so delicious about a fresh new year, something untainted, pure and full of impossible dreams! I love it! (Besides it gives me the chance to beat on a pot with a spoon creating a terrific racket!)

  It's a little ritual of mine where on New Years Eve I get to enjoy grabbing a pencil and scribbling down my own hopes and dreams for the next 365 days. Twenty-thirteen was lovely & I'm thankful for it, but I have an especially grand feeling about this one!

I can see a few dreams brewing on the horizon I can't wait to lasso & I'm looking forward to sharing them with you!

It's somewhat like an unpainted sketch...

The possibilities to the colors and life that will be brought to it are endless, and there's a sweet hope in that.
Something like this sketch for my most recent painting, when these pencil lines were drawn a few weeks ago I had no boundaries! I'm giddy with Twenty-Fourteen's sketch. 

It even has a nice ring to it! Twenty Hundred and Fourteen. 
Very nice indeed.

Happy New Year to one and all!

December 13, 2013

A Peek at Christmas Present

With only twelve days left before Christmas, this is where my thoughts have been!

We have been elfing away at molding Christmas ornaments, this past week. Mine ended up woodland themed. I'm especially fond of my fox head and antlered owl!

That little fox is supposed to be getting twine wrapped around him and hung up on the tree, but I'm tempted to drape him around my neck instead! I believe he'd make a grand necklace!

Hope this is finding all of you in good spirits and jolly-ness!

November 27, 2013

Then We Went for an Outing

Then We Went for an Outing   14"x11"   acrylic on wood

A winter ride is the latest addition to my Russian series! In the painting I placed native animals to Russia, including Roe Deer, Alaskan Hares, and a Red Fox. The mushrooms are found in their woodlands, as well as their Siberian Pine making an appearance!

The sweater the little lady is wearing, was inspired by a real life knitted masterpiece. A gift from my Grandmother.

I think the real story lies in what happened before this scene. Where they came from, and where they are headed once they step off the canvas. It's the mystery of these two that I love!

Prints and the original painting are now available in the shop!

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2013

2013 Holiday Sale

It's that time of year again & that means The Blooming Hare prints & jewelry will be 10% off for this big holiday weekend! (Original paintings, print sets, notebooks & cards not included in the sale)

On another exciting note, some of my new paintings have been made into 11x14 prints now! A little treat for those of you who are fans of larger prints!

November 8, 2013

Original Paintings

Original paintings are now up for grabs, for the first time, in The Blooming Hare shop!

Happy Friday little rabbits! Hope there is some spring in your hop today!

November 2, 2013

Woodland Post & Sweatered Print Sets

Woodland Post Set,
Special Delivery Bear & Owl Express

Sweatered Owl & Sweatered Raccoon Set

I've made print sets available of two of my favorite companion pieces! These friends would love to stick together, closer than two-peas-in-a-pod you might say. Get them together, as a set, for a discount in the shop!

Happy Saturday little rabbits!

November 1, 2013

Sweatered Raccoon

Sweatered Raccoon  8"x10"  acrylic on wood

The companion piece to Sweatered Owl is now up and very much available in The Blooming Hare shop!

About her:
Racine the raccoon loves coral. It's her favorite color. She's so happy to have a sweater that suits her so well! She also loves mushrooms and late night adventures. 

I think I'm mostly caught up on my promised companion pieces now!

October 31, 2013

Owl Express

Owl Express  8"x10"  acrylic on paper

How I love the idea of little letters and packages being delivered by owl! I would be the first to switch to that form of post service!

So now the bear has a companion to correspond back and forth with.
I'm titling this miniature series "Woodland Post". (A kick-back to my childhood.)

Prints of him and Special Delivery Bear are in the shop
There'll be eventual notecards of them, as well as the originals being available in the shop, all shortly. 

Until then!

October 30, 2013

Bear and Owl Notebooks

I'm so excited to offer hand painted notebooks in the shop, using official Moleskine journals!

Each of these notebooks are drawn and painted specifically with you in mind. Each is an original and no two will ever be just alike.

To me there's nothing like carrying a good notebook! It's a bit of an obsession. To be honest.

Fun Fact:
 (This little owl 'fella was inspired by a new painting I'll be sharing shortly!)

Measuring 3.5" by 5.5". Just right to carry in a pocket with you, and capture your thoughts. 

They have lined pages, but there's nothing stopping you from drawing across them! Great for storing all of those lists that keep life organized, or to nab a catchy lyric. 

October 28, 2013

Owl Lover 2014 Calendar

The new Owl Lover Calendar for 2014 is now up and thriving! 

My little Sweatered Owl 'fella is among one of the many owls you can choose from to build your custom calendar. Because, Shivani, at My Owl Barn did such a grand job of putting it together, you'll have a hard time choosing just twelve!

I'm so excited about being a part of this project again. How wonderful to have a friendly little owl looking back at you for 365 days! In my humble opinion a good calendar can certainly start the year off right.
Happy Monday!

October 24, 2013

October Snowflakes

Woke up to an October-Winter-Wonderland! Immediately grabbed the camera and dashed out the door in my floral rain boots. Emma thinking quick, grabbed her trusty squeaky toy to play with. 
I think we were both excited!

Seeing the land of frozen beauty return has got me dreaming of Christmas Card designs. The rough sketch has begun!

October 19, 2013

Special Delivery Bear

Special Delivery Bear   8"x10"   acrylic on paper

Special Delivery! This little black bear, who loves the written word, has something special to say! Bright red bows wrap around our little friend, just like the thoughts he's wrapped up in that trusty white envelope.

Prints of him are now available in the shop!

Playing mail being delivered between rabbits and bears (and other such woodland dwellers) was a favorite game of mine when I was small. Mama and I would cut up tiny pieces of paper and fold them into envelopes, where a miniature note would hide away. Oh the fun we had! Our wee letters still pop up every now and then, tucked in a lunch or hidden for an unsuspecting someone. 

He has a companion piece coming up in the next day or two!
I'm titling this little series "The Woodland Post". 

I suppose this is just that small part of me coming out now that I'm grown.

October 17, 2013

Paper Flowers

 Paper Flowers   8"x10"   acrylic on wood

This young Russian girl poses in front of a floral wallpaper (ergo her paper flowers). She and her pet white mouse sit amoung the Leucojum Vernum flowers (also known by its other name "Spring Snowflakes").  

Since I knew from the first sketch what country I wanted her to hail from, I carefully researched flowers that are native to Russia. These little beauties caught my eye, and in my humble opinion look somewhat similar to our Lily of the Valley.

Her meek mouse might be timid, but he's the best of companions. Plus he knows a few handy little tricks she's taught him. Amoung his many skills are climbing a ladder and ringing a bell. 

I have plans for a companion piece to her, and she just might become part of a larger series over the next few months. 
We'll have to wait and see!

October 16, 2013

Sweatered Owl

Why hello there my little rabbits! Sorry I have been very scarce on my post lately, I'm working on many different things, and tumbled down into a very steep rabbit hole. But I'm back up now!

Here's something that resurfaced with me!

Sweatered Owl   8"x10"   acrylic on wood

A Great Horned Owl snuggles into a nest of yarn with his sweater. His knitted garment features two of his favorites things, white mice enveloped by his familiar woodland plants.

Last year I was fortunate enough to have one of my owls be a part of the 2013 Owl Lover Calendar! I've been invited back again, and this little guy will be featured in the 2014 calendar! Woo Who!

Until then, prints of him are now up for sale in the shop!

August 22, 2013

Harvest Among the Thorns

These past few days we've been reaping a harvest among the thorns. 

I adore our blackberry bushes, I don't see how anyone can live without them. There really isn't anything like grabbing an warm unwashed berry and popping it in your mouth as you mosey along. Emma was enjoying herself immensely as well, cleaning the ground up after our spillings.  She of course didn't mind the seeds in her teeth.

Not one little bit, as you can see!

We ended up with a good-sized-bowl-full-of-berry-goodness at the end of the hunt. My arms bore the battle wounds from the thorns, but it was worth every scratch. Keeping a close eye on the red berries, soon to be black, gathering will commence once again. Where as this time I will be bringing a long sleeved shirt along.

They have currently taken up residence in the Ice Box and are awaiting to be molded and baked into such sweets and treats. 

Me thinks that cobblers and scones are on the not so distant horizon!

August 1, 2013

Winner of EUC "August Cover Photo Contest"

Over the moon happy that my latest painting, Arms to Hold You has just been chosen by the great folks over at EUC (Etsy Ugly Cute) for their August Cover Photo contest!

I'm just so very pleased that my new work has been so well received!

July 27, 2013

Arms to Hold You

Arms to Hold You   16"x 20"x 2"   Acrylic on canvas

I have been so excited to share this piece (it's now available in the shop)! It was commissioned for a birthday present and so it has had to be tucked away in my mind and not shared here. But now, the original has been presented to its owner and I can lift the curtain on my latest painting.

I did this painting from the perspective of a mother and child, and I love how their eyes are half-shut from the embrace. I chose these two animals due to their special meaning between the owner and his mother. The owl represented her, and the wolf her son.

So it has a lot of symbolism in it. I love a good painting that has a story to tell. Truth be told I don't really like knowing all of its secrets, just enough. Even though I painted it, it seems like it's still somewhat of a mystery to me. I prefer to keep it that way.

July 25, 2013

A Bit of Christmas in the Summer

There's nothing like a bit of Christmas right smack dab in the middle of summer.

Mama and I have been busy making cookies and singing along with the old Christmas cassette tapes. The 25th of the seventh month in the year, is our official-unofficial Christmas in July. In truth, I hardly need an excuse to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. 

Baking just one type of cookie wasn't enough, we wanted a splash of holiday goodies and we only had one day in which to do it, so we made up a few favorites:

1. Brownies with Chocolate Frosting
2. Peanut Butter Cookies
3. Sugar Cookies & Cream Cheese Frosting
4. Peach Jam Thumbprint Cookies

After all the goodies have been decorated, frosted, dusted and admired, it's time to sit down with a nice strong cup of tea and enjoy our labors. I was so glad to wrap my fingers around my new comfort-mug, the little bird perched on it's handle looks so cheerful at me with every sip. (And it all fits so perfectly because it was a Christmas present from my brother last year.)

To finish the evening off, a modest little turkey accompanied by stuffing and home-made mashed potatoes. Topped off with a silly film titled Elf, which I think is just fun! 

I love a reason (any reason) to rekindle the contentedness and love we feel every December the 25th. I hope this will perhaps inspire you to do the same.

July 24, 2013

Iris Fox necklace

Iris Fox has been turned into wearable art now, you can purchase her in the form of a necklace (or a print) here, in the shop. 

Iris has been so well received that I decided to put her, and her doll Sally, in a pendant to be enjoyed on the go! 

Hope your summer is going grand wherever you are.

July 21, 2013

"Curious Characters" Gallery Show

Three of my originals on display at Stunningly Strange Gallery's "Curious Characters" show this past week.

June 20, 2013

Hinterland Print Available

Hinterland    8"x8"

I have been such a very busy little rabbit lately, I should have made prints of Hinterland available weeks ago! But finally here it is! I can only imagine the sweet sounds these two are making. I like to think they are playing a sad and soft little tune, while the trees listen.

Along with over-due prints of paintings I have some fun news to share, my painting Iris Fox has recently been honored by being on the front page of Etsy on two separate occasions, here and here! (Also I've recently made a few pendants out of her as well, which I will be turning into necklaces and making available shortly.)

Needless to say, I've been walking on clouds this past week!
Ta-ta for now!

"Curious Characters" Gallery Show

I have recently had the honor of being approached by a gallery to have three of my originals in a themed show titled "Curious Characters"! So now the sweet folks over at Stunningly Strange Gallery are currently housing, Alice and the Drink Me Bottle, The Red Queen of Hearts and The Unlikely Courtship. I feel so very flattered.

Today marks the opening of the show and it will be on display until July 17th. So if you happen to be from, near, or planning on shortly visiting Edmonds, Washington be sure to stop by and take a peak at this grand exhibit!

Needless to say, I've been walking on clouds this past week!
Ta-ta for now!

June 10, 2013

Where the Wild Things Are

What child doesn't love the idea of dressing up like a monster and floating away to a far off land where they'll be crowned king (or queen)? I did a painting, just for fun, a while ago that depicted Max and his fellow monster having a good old wild rumpus in the woods.

Today being the birth of Maurice Sendak I decided it would be more than appropriate to share it. 

Mr. Sendak, I love your creation Where the Wild Things Are
Happy Birthday to you.

May 1, 2013

The Bee's Serenade

The Bee's Serenade 8x10

Everyone loves a serenade and who better to provide one than a bee. If it's ever seemed like a busy little bee has hummed as they fly past, well that's because they can't get this song out of their head. Perhaps this tiny fellow hopped up on an empty stage at a carnival and belted out a serenade to a sweet little honeybee.

He's all bundled up for a nighttime ballad with a black pea coat and 'boggin hat. In two hands this gentleman bee caresses his vintage microphone, whilst the other two beat cymbals to help him keep his time. I suppose a whole world of multitasking possibilities open up with 6 arms (or legs)!

I'm just buzzing with excitement!

April 30, 2013

The Beehive

The Beehive 8x10

This original painting concept I came up with and finished whipping together in the wee hours of the night is now available in the shop. I love so much about it! It is now available in the shop. A spindly honeybee tree growing though and bursting from a drum was a fun thought I had. The tangled vines engulf around and are supporting a very spiffy bee skep. 

The little bees with their tiny feet are especially sweet (just like the honey they are all swarming back to).

March 31, 2013

A Happy Easter

Maybe I never grew up, maybe I just love the smell of vinegar wafting through the air, or maybe I just love the excuse to paint on hard boiled eggs all day without any eyebrows being raised.

Whatever the reason, I love dyed and painted eggs. I would love to thank whoever started the custom of decorating eggs for Easter in person. But seeing as that won't be happening any time soon, I'll have to settle for sharing a few of our tributes to the inventor. Here are a few of the delightful little eggs that emerged from our house yesterday. Mama and I had ourselves an egg-cellent time. 

And I had so much fun spending the day with this little 'fella...

I couldn't resist painting a dapper little Easter Bunny.

Wishing a Happy Easter to all of you little-chocolate-rabbit-eaters out there! Remember to start with the ears first- it's just better somehow.