January 11, 2013

Felt Panda Doll

Here's what my hands have been busy stitching together for the past few evenings. 

My very first ever doll! Oh strings and buttons was I ever nervous about how he would turn out! I designed the little rouge myself and will be presenting him to my younger cousin tomorrow as a birthday present. She has put together quite the collection of stuffed panda teddy bears over the years, and I wanted to make her something extra special to add to her impressive collection.

He's so very sweet, I'm quite pleased with him I must say.

I'm especially fond of the heart on his chest, with an embroidered L for her name. Needless to say, I'm crazy about him from his crooked little smile down to his padded little tail and paws. 
What fun.

Among trying my hand at a new craft there's also a painting on the easel as of this very moment, so I've been taking turns working on several projects. I simply can not wait to share Fergus' sister with all of you! 

Hoping everyone's New Year is off to as good a start as mine has been! 


  1. That is really cool for your first time. I wouldn't know where to start for making a bear.

  2. Thanks for posting your blog on Etsy--I'm glad I found all your magical work!