January 20, 2013

The First Real Day of Winter...

...is finally upon this happy girl!
Oh ecstasy! 
Oh joy!

Believe it or not, my fine furry friend Emma feels precisely the same way I do about the snow. Which is to be of the mindset that it's time to get right down in it and do some serious Winter Wonderland-ing.

A miniature snowman emerged from the fallen flakes. Dried up blackberry branches serve as his arms, the classic carrot nose, a leftover candy cane hanging from his elbow, and even a little bird perching on his shoulder made an appearance. Emma even helped put the candy corn teeth in our little friend's head, so he could give you all a great big smile. Mum's a genius with the things she passes to me out the window for snowman construction! From all of this I have learned that Emma is very much an avid candy-corn-devourer; and though they make excellent snowman teeth I remain uncertain as to how good they are for her teeth.

Well, it's here. Anyone that knows me also knows I've been waiting for this moment. Though sometimes I do feel as if I'm all alone in my rooting for any snow at all. Am I the only one or is there anyone out there with me?

Let's give up three cheers for snow's late but magnificent entrance!
Hip - Hip - Hooray! Hip - Hip - Hooray! 
Hip - Hip - Hooooorrraaaayyy!


  1. Aw what a cute little snowmen! I love the idea of using candy corn for the teeth. Hopefully we'll be getting snow this week so I can take my toddler out there to play!

  2. I am with you on the snow! It wouldn't be Christmas or winter in the Northeast US without it! We had our first day just before Christmas and it has stayed on the ground ever since. Are you ready for the artic blast coming?

  3. I am very jealous of Emma and yourself! I've never in my life built a snowman. The last time I saw snow was about 10 years ago, and as snow goes in these parts (Texas)... it wasn't even an inch.

    It's supposed to be nearing 80 degrees here tomorrow, which is pathetic for this time of year.

    By the way, Emma is adorable! She's very photogenic.


  4. So glad to see there are other snow enthusiasts! Thanks for letting me know you're out there!