February 18, 2013

Iris Fox

Iris Fox 8x10

I'm proud to introduce Iris Fox to all of you! The companion painting to Fergus Fox, she's exactly the sister I always pictured Fergus to have. She and her doll are off to meet up with her brother. She'd like to introduce you to her little fox doll Sally, but Iris' very particular that your hands are clean when you pick her up. So Fergus hardly ever gets to touch her, since his paws are always a fright.  Her doll Sally's socks were such fun to paint! I happen to have quite the collection of socks myself and I'm still jealous of hers. 

Once she and Fergus meet up they will most likely spend the day playing in the Highland hills that are pictured behind her. You can even see the trodden down path leading from where they often travel to their favorite spot. Her dress is such a sweet peach pink, with delicate lace. Oh I hope she doesn't get it dirty romping through the hills with Fergus.

But both being from a respectable Scottish family of Vulpes vulpes, after their play day, you can count on them both being home in time for their supper.


  1. Love your shop and art. You have a very nice style! -a fellow member of the blog blog Team :)

  2. That is fabulous!

  3. Wonderful! I love that you have a story to go with your art!