February 7, 2013

The Big Secret Project Revealed

Alright, so I have been keeping all of you in the dark as to my recent endeavors towards The-Big-Secret-Project that has been consuming me for the past few months. It's been so hard for me not to let the cat out of the bag all this time.

So.. It's time to reveal my secret identity.

I have been sneaking off to a little cozy room to write and record songs for a full-length album that was completely finished two days ago. Hurrah! My musical-crony Seth (who doubles as my big brother) and I, roam the streets as ordinary citizens during the day but at night we dust off our guitars, the trusty tools of our trade, and hit the stage as folk duo Thirty Steps to Forward. So it was thus that our new album Hinterland was born.

Banjos, ukuleles, cellos, and pianos, oh my! All of these can be found in our latest release, the follow-up to our debut album "The Bird and The Fool". We're so proud of it and feel that it speaks more closely to the heart of our recent style.

I feel like I've been living two separate lives, one as a painter and one as a folk musician. So it's nice to finally merge the two. Two different mediums, both art. Of course, I've done the two hand in hand from the beginning and it's always worked really nice for me.
What a Happy Thursday this is indeed!
I'll be sharing the cover art, that I painted for the album, with you all shortly.