March 7, 2013


Hinterland is officially available today!

Thirty Steps to Forward is the name of my musical outlet that I pursue, along with my brother Seth. Hinterland is our second full-length album. (My art's footsteps can also be see throughout Thirty Steps to Forward as well!) Our latest endeavor Hinterland is a collection of songs revolving around the tangled wilderness of human frailty.

"Composing "Hinterland" was an experience that at times led us through honey, briers, and late night sessions in a cozy dimly lit room. The twelve songs have a slight theme to them, on man and nature and how they have more in common than they might think. Along the way we fell in love with these songs, and we know that there are those of you who will see them in the same light we do."


  1. Very intrigued! I'll have to have a listen. I love the artwork!

  2. I've been listening to it in the evenings, so lovely! I am looking forward to seeing you guys in concert on Friday.

    1. So glad you have been enjoying it Heather! Can't wait to see you Friday!