August 22, 2013

Harvest Among the Thorns

These past few days we've been reaping a harvest among the thorns. 

I adore our blackberry bushes, I don't see how anyone can live without them. There really isn't anything like grabbing an warm unwashed berry and popping it in your mouth as you mosey along. Emma was enjoying herself immensely as well, cleaning the ground up after our spillings.  She of course didn't mind the seeds in her teeth.

Not one little bit, as you can see!

We ended up with a good-sized-bowl-full-of-berry-goodness at the end of the hunt. My arms bore the battle wounds from the thorns, but it was worth every scratch. Keeping a close eye on the red berries, soon to be black, gathering will commence once again. Where as this time I will be bringing a long sleeved shirt along.

They have currently taken up residence in the Ice Box and are awaiting to be molded and baked into such sweets and treats. 

Me thinks that cobblers and scones are on the not so distant horizon!

August 1, 2013

Winner of EUC "August Cover Photo Contest"

Over the moon happy that my latest painting, Arms to Hold You has just been chosen by the great folks over at EUC (Etsy Ugly Cute) for their August Cover Photo contest!

I'm just so very pleased that my new work has been so well received!