October 19, 2013

Special Delivery Bear

Special Delivery Bear   8"x10"   acrylic on paper

Special Delivery! This little black bear, who loves the written word, has something special to say! Bright red bows wrap around our little friend, just like the thoughts he's wrapped up in that trusty white envelope.

Prints of him are now available in the shop!

Playing mail being delivered between rabbits and bears (and other such woodland dwellers) was a favorite game of mine when I was small. Mama and I would cut up tiny pieces of paper and fold them into envelopes, where a miniature note would hide away. Oh the fun we had! Our wee letters still pop up every now and then, tucked in a lunch or hidden for an unsuspecting someone. 

He has a companion piece coming up in the next day or two!
I'm titling this little series "The Woodland Post". 

I suppose this is just that small part of me coming out now that I'm grown.


  1. hey I found you from etsy blog team, please follow me back! thx! plus, I really like this bear :)


  2. He is so charming! I can just imagine what his note says, maybe something about honey? Well, whatever the case, my curiosity is piqued, and what a lovely mum to play such games with!

    1. That's very sweet. If the letter itself isn't discussing honey, you can be sure there are sticky paw prints showing up somewhere on it!