December 31, 2013

2014 Here We Come

...hope you're ready!

 There's something just so delicious about a fresh new year, something untainted, pure and full of impossible dreams! I love it! (Besides it gives me the chance to beat on a pot with a spoon creating a terrific racket!)

  It's a little ritual of mine where on New Years Eve I get to enjoy grabbing a pencil and scribbling down my own hopes and dreams for the next 365 days. Twenty-thirteen was lovely & I'm thankful for it, but I have an especially grand feeling about this one!

I can see a few dreams brewing on the horizon I can't wait to lasso & I'm looking forward to sharing them with you!

It's somewhat like an unpainted sketch...

The possibilities to the colors and life that will be brought to it are endless, and there's a sweet hope in that.
Something like this sketch for my most recent painting, when these pencil lines were drawn a few weeks ago I had no boundaries! I'm giddy with Twenty-Fourteen's sketch. 

It even has a nice ring to it! Twenty Hundred and Fourteen. 
Very nice indeed.

Happy New Year to one and all!

December 13, 2013

A Peek at Christmas Present

With only twelve days left before Christmas, this is where my thoughts have been!

We have been elfing away at molding Christmas ornaments, this past week. Mine ended up woodland themed. I'm especially fond of my fox head and antlered owl!

That little fox is supposed to be getting twine wrapped around him and hung up on the tree, but I'm tempted to drape him around my neck instead! I believe he'd make a grand necklace!

Hope this is finding all of you in good spirits and jolly-ness!