January 9, 2014


Oaken    8"x10"   Acrylic on wood

I was recently approached by a very sweet admirer of one of my recent works. The lovely letter asked if I would be interested in doing three similar paintings that were sentimental to her. And as in Paper Flowers, each with a specific plant and animal. I was thrilled to take on this commission, and as a result I present to you... Oaken!

Titled after his oak leaf & acorn wallpaper - which not only appeal to his red squirrel friend, but also depicts the strength and stability of this young fella.

The original painting has been spoken for and is off to live in his new home, but prints will be available in the shop! I'll be sharing the other two companion painting with you over the next few weeks. 
Until then!


  1. A Fabulous commission - your customer must have been delighted. Love your blog!! Came via Etsy!! Lovely work.
    regards anne

  2. Beautiful and very inspiring works. Thank you for sharing