January 12, 2014

Snippets & Spring

The real title of this post should be:
Things I Love About the Winter & How I'm Not Betraying It (Abridged Edition)

-The snow. Period.

-The quiet calmness winter seems to blanket us in, we're not frantic or restless... just happy & snowed in. (see above)

-You can stay inside sketching & painting for hours on end and no one tries to tempt you to come outside and enjoy the nice weather. 

But despite all of that, my thoughts have been on spring this past week & it's very unlike me to be dreaming of that so soon. Completely involuntary I assure you. It must have been that long cold snap we Mitteneers recently endured, the stores sneaking vegetable seeds on the shelves, or perhaps it's the result of a sweet little bird family I'm feeding that switched my thoughts. At any rate, I couldn't wait to share a few snippets of my spring-thaw-inspired-sketches! 

The paintings are almost finished and will be ready to share in a day or two. Ta-Ta my little rabbits!

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