February 9, 2014

Floral Flight

Floral Flight   8"x10"  Acrylic on wood

Cherry blossoms are the backdrop to this lovely girl & her elf owl. Oh to have an owl for a companion! You can see these two are the best of friends, as he perches on her finger. The title "Floral Flight" came with the knitted birds flying on her sweater, I fancied the imagery of them soaring through the flowering trees. 

The companion piece to Oaken, this miniature-series has been such fun! One more to go!


  1. Lovely companion .... and the painting very mysterious, but warm in the same time! Love this unusual combination of scale and colors - so invited!
    Who is a lovely model for this painting? I would like to think it is a self-portrait:)
    xx, Lana

    1. Oh you're so sweet Lana, thank you! Floral Flight and Oaken are commissioned pieces, I was sent photos of the models. I'm so glad you like the concept of my painting!

  2. Wonderful! I love your artwork!