March 25, 2014

Turning 5 a big deal!

Today is Emma's birthday! It may have been cold outside, but our hearts were warm. We had a nice romp through the snow, and she played with her favorite fox squeaky toy Felix. Plus to top it off, a piece of birthday apple pie! Which sounds delightful to me, I think this year I will ask for birthday pie myself, instead of the-ol-stand-by-cake - good thinking Emma!

She's a bit of golden sun on any day, no matter the forecast! 
Love you Emma.


  1. Happy B- Day Emma!!!! She is one of the many luckiest with official B- Day! My dog unfortunately never had that day ... but we are celebrate his on the day we adopted him :) So, now we only can estimate his official age...

    1. Emma and I thank you Lana! The adopted day was a grand idea, it's so sweet to have a special day to celebrate our furry little friends. Happy Saturday!