April 19, 2014

Monet & I

We were performing at a concert in Ann Arbor yesterday and while we there I got a wonderful surprise...

The Break-up of the Ice  original Claude Monet & I

My entire life, I have been in love with the works on Monet, and then I happened to find myself on the doorstep of Ann Arbor's Museum of Art, (which I didn't even know they had) and they had a real-honest-to-goodness Claude Monet original housed in their walls. Being the nerd I am, I geeked.

And seated right next to it was an original Whistler, I really hit the jackpot! 

Sea and Rain  original James Abbott McNeill Whistler & I

I was in between tears and fainting, what a delightful treat. I just love sharing my joys with you.
Happy Saturday!