May 27, 2014

An Otter & Betty Magazine

( center top row:  Olivia Otter )

You may recall a little sneak peek of my work I showed a while back. Well here is another larger glimpse of the artwork I created specifically for the gloriously, charming Betty Magazine, along with a few other gorgeous highlights from the summer issue! I'm thrilled-to-my-toes to announce that it's out and the summer issue is now available for pre-order! I couldn't be more honored to be a part of it.

I created four illustrations in all, each featuring an animal sporting designer clothes, Olivia Otter was one of the four different animals I painted. Which was needless to say - buckets & loads of fun!

I'll share more as soon as my own copy arrives in my eager hands! 
Until then!


  1. Lovely outfit ... I think I'm big fan of you cute otter's sporty clothes... and the bra look just where it so-posse to be:)

    1. That's very sweet, I have three more to share soon. This otter is wearing a Prada outfit they asked me to illustrate. Always so lovely to hear from you!