May 16, 2014

The Otter's Riverbank Birthday Party

The Otter's Riverbank Birthday Party  14"x11" Acrylic on paper

"Look, It's the Otter's Riverbank Birthday Party!"

I made this as a birthday present for my dear Mum today! She always told me of a children's book she had growing up that had otters in it, Little Putt-Putt. So knowing her fondness of them, I took a whole troop of rambunctious little 'fellas and have them throwing a birthday bash on the side of the riverbank.

Take note of the little guy singing (second from the left), showing his teeth and belting out a tune among this scene of otter camaraderie.

This little guy floating along on his back with a slice of cake, became a personal favorite of mine..

...and here is a deed-most-foul about to take place, I'm afraid Mr. Rohu-Fish doesn't stand much of a chance..

Happy Birthday Mama! I love you.

(By the way, I couldn't resist and I actually showed it to her a few days early. She seemed to love it!)


  1. Aw your mom is so lucky to have such a sweet daughter, what a great gift! Hope she has a great birthday :)

  2. Your pictures are so charming...I'm sure your mother will treasure them always.

    1. I appreciate that Jay! She was thrilled for it!

  3. Ohhhhhh that is so lovely!! I adore it!

  4. Оh, what a beautiful illustration! Your mom is a lucky lady. I love the guy with the slice of cake in the water, he's one hungry otter (and I can rhyme obviously :)

    You are welcome to visit my blog and let me know if you love clouds or not.

    Dropping by from Bloggers and Readers on Etsy.

  5. Amazing !!! I feel like in a child sweet book :)
    you should Think about publishing a book .....

    1. Thank you Rachel! Actually I have been considering different ideas for a children's book, so I appreciate the encouragement!