June 21, 2014

Happy Midsummer's Eve

...I have and always will love this night of the year.

A night when anything magical and fantastical can present itself. Such as a chance encounter with a member of the fairy-folk! A very interesting meeting on that subject are the Cottingley Fairies.

If you aren't familiar with the film based on these fantastic girls and their story, you really should get acquainted with Fairytale: A True Story. I adored this film when I was a little girl. These three pictures are the photos captured by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths of their fairy friends.

Living off of Cecily Mary Barker and her illustrations along with that movie, Mama and I would always build little houses from leaves and sticks on Midsummer's Night. Along with a little sweet and refreshment in a miniature tea set, we would make sure the fairies had enough supplies to dance the night away. And in the morning there would sometimes be a gift in exchange, a flower, a daisy chain, and one year some Raspberry Lotion & Gardenia Perfume (which I refused to use, since they were too precious). 

It isn't only the fairies that I love tonight for, it's the memories with my mother. I'm so blessed to have a Mama that I have so much in common with.

So, get out and scamper tonight. Catch some fireflies, drink tea outside by the moonlight, and keep your eyes peeled for the wee fairy-folk!

Happy Midsummer's Eve to you!

June 18, 2014

We Go Together like Peaches 'N Cream

We Go Together like Peaches 'N Cream   8"x10"  Acrylic on paper

A fun and quirky way to proclaim your love for a sweetheart or best friend. Or just something sweet to hang on your walls or keep you company in the kitchen!

Prints will be up in the shop along with "The Great Peach Expedition" in a few days.

June 17, 2014

The Great Peach Expedition

The Great Peach Expedition   8"x10"  Acrylic on paper 

I've written and illustrated a story for Ardent Magazine, on the joys of picking peaches at a U-Pick and taking them home to create a bowl of comforting Peaches and Cream. 

Plus the accompanying illustration was a blast to dream-up. Showcasing the necessities for any proper peach hunt. Binoculars, compass, and map. The inspiration behind it was Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom meets hungry fruit enthusiasts. 

This was such fun to do, and every endearing word I said about the fruit, I meant.

p.s. I also snuck a recipe inside the story to make your own Peaches and Cream (aka: Summer in a Bowl)

June 16, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink series: Leah Bear, Olivia Otter  both 8"x10", 
Emma Deer, & Tasha Wolf  both 11"x14"  
Acrylic on paper

The girls in designer clothes collection Pretty in Pink originals are now up for sale in the shop! Prints & sets are also available today in the shop!

I'm absolutely in love with this series, titled Pretty in Pink after the soft peach background enveloping each of these fashionable & unique gals. I'll confess, Emma Deer and Leah Bear have proven to be the hardest for me to think of parting with.

By the way, summer is sneaking up on us, just five days until it officially begins. I'm so excited!

June 13, 2014

Betty Magazine: Animals in Clothes We Like

We're very excited about finally getting our hands on the summer issue of Betty Magazine

Above, Emma is showing her enthusiasm. 
Here's how I show mine:

Leah Bear, Emma Deer, Olivia Otter & Tasha Wolf..
All of the girls are featured in the article Animals in Clothes We Like.

As promised, here is the magazine feature in print!!

All that's left now, is for it to be thoroughly absorbed & enjoyed over a cup of tea..

June 12, 2014

Behind the Scenes

(Leah Bear   in progress)

I couldn't be more excited to share the Behind-the-Scenes look at my process for the paintings featured in the summer issue of Betty Magazine! Hop on over to their site to see all of the progress photos and read the article

(Emma Deer   in progress)

This Pretty in Pink series is one of my favorites!! It'll be hard for me to part with them..

(Olivia Otter   sketch)

The actual magazine article will be posted shortly.
Prints and originals becoming available in the near future as well. 

In short:  
I'm in love with life on this beautiful, seemingly-ordinary Thursday!

June 11, 2014

Tasha Wolf

Tasha Wolf   11"x14"  Acrylic on paper

Finally, the last painting for the mini-series of animals in designer clothes is Tasha Wolf, wearing Dolce & Gabbana. 

She's pushing along her retro bicycle, going for a ride in the basket are some lovely posies and a ferret named Jerry. Over head a friendly blue-jay says hello to her while she's on her way to the local market.

The tiny ferret is one of my favorite parts about this painting. How he's adventurous and full of spunk leaning over the basket while the bicycle rolls along.

Emma Deer & Tasha Wolf   Both 11"x14"  Acrylic on paper

This was such a fun series for me to do. I'm dubbing the collection "Pretty in Pink".

I'll be showing the photos I've taken of Betty Magazine with you all soon!

June 9, 2014

Emma Deer

Emma Deer   11"x14"  Acrylic on paper

If naming my dear sweet dog Emma wasn't enough of an indication that I'm fond of that name from yester-year, here's another reason to add to the list! I've dubbed my delicate deer Emma, sporting a Miu Miu dress and the Jane Austen classic she's holding by the same name. 

I love Jane Austen, and her book Emma as well. So I guess that's three reasons I love that name! 

..and this dapper little 'fella seems to be hanging on her every word, as she reads to him.

p.s. My copy of Betty Magazine just arrived in the mail today!! So, one more painting to go and then some exciting things to share (the mini-series in the print magazine, originals & prints going on sale in the shop soon!) 

And I will end on this quote from Emma:
“This sweetest and best of all creatures, faultless in spite of all her faults.” 

You really should grab a free copy of the book and start reading it! Ta-ta for now!

June 8, 2014

Leah Bear

Leah Bear   8"x10"  Acrylic on paper

I'm just head-over-heels for this sweet little bear gal. Today wearing an outfit designed by Burberry Prorsum is a spirit bear (a really fantastic rare black bear).

 She is so sweet and full of pondering while she watches the honeybees busy in their work among the hollyhocks.

Leah Bear & Olivia Otter   Both 8"x10"  Acrylic on paper

I'm so excited to finally be sharing these with you.
Two more to go.

June 7, 2014

Olivia Otter

Olivia Otter   8"x10" Acrylic on paper

Hello there! Meet Olivia Otter, she was the first of four paintings that are part of Betty Fashion Magazine's summer issue, they asked to me to create animals in designers clothes. This is a Prada skirt and sweater, it reminded me of a bathing suit, so of course an otter came to mind. I love her little basket of fish & flowers.

I'll be sharing the other three illustrations over the next few days!

June 6, 2014

Opening Night of Scribble Project Exhibition

Night Owl // Scribble Project Exhibition Piece   Acrylic on paper

Last night was the opening for the Scribble Project Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia! These photos are provided by Lisa (the curator), as unfortunately this little rabbit couldn't attend in person. O, how I wish I could have been there! It was also covered by the adorable Frankie Magazine!!

Above is the piece I entered, titled Night Owl. It has a sleepy theme with different little glimpses into nightly activities. I'm a bit of a night owl myself from time-to-time. (Looking at it now, how the painting shows above and under ground at the same time, it feels to me a bit like a frame from a Wes Anderson film.) It was such great fun to do! 

I completely geeked when I spotted my piece (on the far left, second row) perched right on the shoulder of the gentleman there.

Thanks so much to Lisa & The Scribble Project for letting me be a part of this!

June 1, 2014

Exhibition: Scribble Project

I am pleased to announce that I'm a part of this great exhibition being hosted by the very fun Scribble Project, held at the City Library Gallery in Melbourne, Australia! The exhibit will last the whole month of June. Oh gosh, how I'd love to be there in person...

Opening night is June 5th for those of you lucky enough to stop in.
I hope to share some photos shortly (courtesy of the coordinator Lisa)!

Happy June Days!