June 9, 2014

Emma Deer

Emma Deer   11"x14"  Acrylic on paper

If naming my dear sweet dog Emma wasn't enough of an indication that I'm fond of that name from yester-year, here's another reason to add to the list! I've dubbed my delicate deer Emma, sporting a Miu Miu dress and the Jane Austen classic she's holding by the same name. 

I love Jane Austen, and her book Emma as well. So I guess that's three reasons I love that name! 

..and this dapper little 'fella seems to be hanging on her every word, as she reads to him.

p.s. My copy of Betty Magazine just arrived in the mail today!! So, one more painting to go and then some exciting things to share (the mini-series in the print magazine, originals & prints going on sale in the shop soon!) 

And I will end on this quote from Emma:
“This sweetest and best of all creatures, faultless in spite of all her faults.” 

You really should grab a free copy of the book and start reading it! Ta-ta for now!


  1. Love the message of this illustration and absolutely love the Emma dear!!!!

    1. That's very sweet of you Lana, thank you!