June 6, 2014

Opening Night of Scribble Project Exhibition

Night Owl // Scribble Project Exhibition Piece   Acrylic on paper

Last night was the opening for the Scribble Project Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia! These photos are provided by Lisa (the curator), as unfortunately this little rabbit couldn't attend in person. O, how I wish I could have been there! It was also covered by the adorable Frankie Magazine!!

Above is the piece I entered, titled Night Owl. It has a sleepy theme with different little glimpses into nightly activities. I'm a bit of a night owl myself from time-to-time. (Looking at it now, how the painting shows above and under ground at the same time, it feels to me a bit like a frame from a Wes Anderson film.) It was such great fun to do! 

I completely geeked when I spotted my piece (on the far left, second row) perched right on the shoulder of the gentleman there.

Thanks so much to Lisa & The Scribble Project for letting me be a part of this!

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