August 20, 2014

Feathers & Tunes

Feathers & Tunes   8"x10"  Acrylic on paper

I was probably among the last to transition from cassette tapes to CDs, I was quite happy with my square little friends. I had compiled quite a few of my own mixtapes, which I still have. I suppose the cassette still holds a soft place in my heart, even when I had to rewind them with a pencil after a Walkman mishap.

An owl in a snazzy sweater with a mixtape of her own has been a bee in my bonnet for quite a while. My brand new Moleskine sketchbook finally coaxed it out of me. I can already tell that this is the beginning to a wonderful relationship with my notebook!

 I also intend to incorporate a bit of typography with a variant of this print in the future. 

Until then, this print is now available in the store!

I love how she's taking her music very seriously. What a hoot I had with this!


  1. Rewinding with a pencil...this blog post sure brought back memories. Not only about walkmans, but also about roller skates...

    1. I'm glad that it brought back memories for you! I had such a grand time remembering this form of music myself!